Artificial Intelligence by Google

Artificial Intelligence by Google
  • Nov 5, 2020

Artificial Intelligence by Google

Artificial intelligence (AI) is enhancing our lives and augmenting our abilities.

AI for Hearing Speech

It is not until you have a hearing problem, that you fully understand the issue (difficulty) of hearing in background noise.

So when Google recently announced a technology to improve speech understanding in video, many people with hearing problems recognised the similar technologies used to achieve this.

"By training the model on a large-scale collection of online videos, we are able to capture correlations between speech and visual signals such as mouth movements and facial expressions, which can then be used to separate the speech of one person in a video from another, or to separate speech from background sounds."

It appears Google has developed technologies that 'lip read' or 'utilise facial cues'. Also looking at Voice Pitch and Age is related to how hearing aids function. Signal-to distortion ratio (SDR), in dB for different spoken languages was also compared.

"As our method utilizes facial cues and mouth movements to isolate the speech, we tested whether facial hair (e.g., a moustache, beard) may obstruct those visual cues and affect the method’s performance. Our evaluations show that the quality of speech enhancement is maintained well also in the presence of facial hair."

Hearing Aids

Similar technologies are used to enhance speech in hearing aids. The largest improvement in hearing aids is in seperating speech from noise.

Creativity is Intelligence having Fun - Albert Einstein

AI for Google Search

Spelling in search queries

Approximately 1 in 10 queries typed into Google are spelt incorrectly. AI allows Google to make sense of wrongly spelt words, and usually calculate what is meant, to then deliver the correct search results.

We adapt and get used to this. We also change our queries to give the search engine the correct context as quickly as we can.

SEO in a blog

As a Gold Coast based SEO we recognise the value of Google appreciating a well researched article.
Otherwise SEO's would get away with just putting a bunch of keywords into a blog. It would not have to make sense, be grammatically correct or reach a logical conclusion.

Many articles are not actually written to be read, they are written to fool search engines into increasing the ranking for a site. Google AI differentiates well written articles and ranks them higher.




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