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A custom shopping cart solution

Simplicity - Why you should consider a custom online shopping cart

Choosing a Shopping Cart


Solutions like Shopify can be good for some online stores - Shopify Online pricing starts at $29 USD per month up to $299 USD per month. They have a starting transaction fee of 1.75% + 30¢ AUD to 1.4% + 30¢ AUD for online Australian credit cards.

Calculating Shipping Rates with Shopify

  • Flat shipping rates
  • General rates
  • Priced-based rates
  • Weight-based rates
  • Calculated rates

Various payment options

There are various payment options like PayPal, Amazon Pay, Apple Pay and at least 40 Payment Gateways supported in Australia eg eWAY Rapid 3.1, SecurePay (Australia) and

Themes and Product Media with Shopify

You can purchase themes with Shopify, and within those themes there will be various media options like Images, 3D models (selected themes) and Videos.

Creating videos is a time consuming task - we ananalyse this in our article Web Video Marketing.

Shopping Cart Less Is More

An alternative
- a custom shopping cart

If the primary source of sales is going to be via a search engine like Google, having your site designed for SEO from the outset is important. There is a difference between a site with tacked on SEO and one designed with SEO in mind.

W3C validation Errors and Site Speed

We analysed one page from an example in Shopify put it into a W3C validator which revealed error after error in the code. Refer to our SEO Page - Website Migration Guide on validation techniques and other structural issues sites need to overcome.

Site Performance
Nobody likes a slow site as shown above

It is safe to say many Shopify sites would be full of errors. For that matter it is hard to find a WordPress site that validates properly. These may not stop the site from functioning or selling, however it will not function or sell as well as a site with cleaner optimised code and few errors.

Making a shopping cart simpler - less is more

With a custom online shopping cart that uses one payment solution like, your online shopping system can be so much simpler. The site structure is designed around your products not the other way around where your products must fit a set structure. It is less complicated and can really look good because the theme is customised to suit the shopping experience. A shopping experience needs to inspire confidence, removing any obstacles to a person purchasing.

When things go wrong - one of the difficulties of developing a shopping cart is tracing the process and being able to make updates when the system is live. When a system is live any change must be tested via a live order. A fraudulent attempt may be made, or a person may abandon the shopping cart screen and return a day later - you need to be able to recover from this gracefully and securely. You can pick up the phone and discuss any issue with the developer of the system - us. We can trace every step of a transaction, with the latest Stripe Payment Intents API you create a traceable path from the outset.

Custom Security we can add custom security on top of the considerable security provided by SSL and Stripe. Denial of service attacks can be annoying, custom code can dramatically reduce these. Stripe is constantly evolving security proceedures, and recommends best practise techniques for reducing fraud.

Updates Reduced...

A major benefit of limiting the options on your online shopping cart is that the need for constant updates due to changes in APIs is dramatically reduced.

A major benefit of limiting the options on your online shopping cart is that the need for constant updates due to changes in APIs is dramatically reduced. Stripe is still supporting much of its original legacy code, meaning if you created a shopping experience 5 years ago - the code still works today. Other providers send an email like "Payment System no longer Supported" - you have to rebuild the system.

Updating your site design

Some of our sites have had 4 complete redesigns but still maintain the core structure created over a decade ago. We can update your entire look and feel without wiping out original pages or structures.

Features of a custom shopping cart

Many of the features listed below occur in off the shelf shopping carts like Shopify. However to avoid being overwhelmed with detail, we modify the features to suit your products.
We would create the image uploads at the ideal size for the presentation of your product. Not every product is sold via a shopping cart, take for example the purchase and download of an eBook. In most cases this is a once off purchase for one product only.

Some shopping carts do not automatically refresh total calculations, they require the purchasor to understand the page is not sophistacted enough to make that calculation on the spot and there is an update cart button for that, so that the totals can be calculated correctly.

  • Varying prices styles and sizes
  • Abilty to indicate out of stock items
  • Vary how payment is received (e.g. login or straight to payment)
  • Secure system more difficult for hackers to guess logins
  • Varying delivery calculations depending on location and product
  • Can build the design to best match how a shopper prefers to browse
  • Group products how it suits your shoppers
  • Manage Photo uploads to suit your business
  • Instant shipping cost calculations and updates to totals
  • Coupons discounts and special time limited offers
  • Up to date security and SSL setup

Some examples of sites with a custom shopping cart-:

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