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Our approach uses our 20+ years of web development to your advantage.

With innovative techniques, marketing, keyword analysis and working directly with the web developer your site responds much more swiftly without a bloated price tag.

We consistently achieve successful SEO results for long-term clients who pay only $200 per month and stay at the top of searches on competitive keywords.

How much Return on Investment (ROI) would a $200 per month spend get for your business?

With SEO the challenge is finding the niche advantages for your business against ever present competition. Our policy is to take on only one client in a specific business or service category - so you would probably prefer not to be the one competing against us. Our vetting process contributes to our overall success. We are also not big on wasting our client's time on flowery reports. Our SEO results speak for themselves through empirical data outcomes.

Not all of our clients are in the $200 price range. We have some Australia wide success stories in very competitive areas.

We are considered to be better at SEO than just about anyone else on the Gold Coast for the following reasons -:

  • We have been doing it longer (having started before Google existed)
  • We do the work ourselves (no outsourcing)
  • Focus on innovation  rather than cheap (or expensive) tricks
  • Anticipate and evolve with Web Development and SEO changes
  • The best predictor of future success with SEO is past success
  • We have many long-term clients achieving and maintaining success

Our prices are lower than many Gold Coast SEO company's because we are far more effective at SEO.

A competitive advantage for Gold Coast SEO

Our prices are lower than many Gold Coast SEO company's because we are far more effective at SEO. We develop our own systems back-end to front-end designed to improve our clients sites cost effectively.

The only way to compare the effectiveness of an SEO is to look at results over time in comparison to the amount paid for SEO. We have detailed histories of our successes you can view.

Pest Control SEO Results

We have 17 websites and over 1000 blogs. That gives us a competitive advantage.

SEO SWOT Analysis

Examining your Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats in terms of a matrix is a decision-making tool used in many businesses and business schools. We produce an SEO SWOT Analysis in our 10+ page analysis of your site. Being developers since 1996 from server - development - video - apps specialising in marketing we will be able to anaylise your site. We will get you to the top of Google and keep you there.

SEO SWOT Analysis

If you scroll down you will see an example of our Facebook App that can turn your Facebook posts into SEO content.

SEO Efficiency

Our overheads and costs are lower than less experienced competition because we are more efficient. As Web developers since 1996, we employ specific techniques to enhance efficiency for us and our clients. Why pay $500 - $2000 per month when we often get better SEO results for $200 per month through our local Gold Coast SEO service.

How to compare Gold Coast SEO's

It takes at least 5 years of hands on web development to become an experienced SEO. A Multi-Skilled SEO will outperform inexperienced SEOs.
Google's algorithms can detect the quality of the code, the grammar, design (space between elements) and whether the text is original (not a duplicate).

4 Questions to help choose your Gold Coast SEO Company

  • Are they experienced and are they qualified?
    • Do they rank themselves eg do they rank on SEO Gold Coast and/or search engine optimisation Gold Coast?
    • Do they do the work themselves? (do they outsource?)
    • Degree qualified
    • Can you talk directly to the person who does the coding?
  • Can they show you examples of success?
    • Can you see long term successful clients? (100+ monthly invoices)
    • Do they do the work themselves? (do they outsource?)
    • Do they work with reputable local businesses (not get rich quick schemes)
  • Are they based on the Gold Coast?
    • Does the head of the company actually live here?
    • Can you discuss your site directly with the head of the Gold Coast SEO company?
  • What prices do they charge for clients similar to you?
    • Effective SEO needs to be cost effective for you. Our prices start at $200 per month.
    • Look for an SEO with long-term successful clients

Brand Keywords

Our brand keyword is Multi-Skilled SEO meaning we can use that term and know we are the first (3) entries.
Can you think of a keyword or phrase your business would like to own? Search for us on........

Free Hosting and Updates

For clients using our systems we offer -:

  • Free Hosting
  • Free Website Updates
  • Help Setting Up Email

Google loves frequent updates so we work with our clients to ensure there are no hidden charges. Using systems we have developed in-house allows for faster updates and lower costs.

Why a Multi-Skilled SEO offers better value  

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SEO that outperforms the competition at a fraction of the cost
  • NOT $2000 pm
  • NOT $395 pm
  • FROM $200 ask us how

How much would a $200 per month SEO budget save you per year?

We have successful clients on various SEO budgets depending on the goals of your business. We have numerous successful clients at the $200 per month range.

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