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Generate Custom PDF Documents

A PDF document is a standard originally developed by Adobe including text formatting and images, in a manner independent of application software.

Creating a PDF programmatically from data that exists already within your own system saves valuable time from creating a document manually when a price or other detail changes.

The Problem - too many solutions

There are many solutions to problems available, however this in itself creates a problem. For example, just to send a subscriber email some professionals need up to 5 different systems working together. Then they must use many checks and balances to ensure the email is correct. Any update to one of the systems may render issues in other related systems. In short it is a 'system designed to fail' or require so many checks as to render it inefficient.

Our Custom PDF solution works directly under our own admin system. It is not a system like Word Press that has security issues requiring constant updates. Ours is a system where you can contact the creator of the software directly with any issue. It only works on highly optimised private secure servers, using web systems developed by us so nothing external can break it. No reliance on external systems updated by large teams.

Dynamic Product PDF Brochure Process

  • Custom gift certificates (redeemable and paid)
  • Monthly Invoices (generate and send by email)
  • Custom Reports
  • Custom Product leaflets on the fly
  • Generate a custom price list
  • Generate a snippet of a book for sale
  • Generate secure documents for a specific recipient

Responsive Interactive Maps

This project involves combining technologies to make mobile and SEO friendly interactive maps. With Flash no longer supported in most web browsers, this solution is a blend of HTML 5 and JQuery. This responsive design solution resizes to any device screen.

Check an example at our Gold Coast Accommodation Map page where you can book accommodation and also pop-up a map to assist in checking amenities nearby.

Pop-up Content can include-:

  • Images
  • Descriptions
  • Audio
  • YouTube Videos
  • Form Enquiries

Daily Appointment Booking System

Create various appointment types for a room, a practitioner an item, depending on how you manage your business.

Set prices for these appointments, including concession prices.

Warnings prevent obvious mistakes.

Allow online selection and payment filtered by appointment type. Hence an individual page on your site can sell appointments for that service in real-time.

For example you may have 4 hours available for appointments and various appointment types available that vary in length.

You can specify a break between appointments.

The calendar calculations display available appointments for the appointment type length for the next available period eg 2 weeks.

Holidays and non-availability can be easily accounted for and appointment availability via the back-end can be viewed in realistic calendars that can be clicked to edit.

Blank off an appointment with no "Visitor" if need be and add the person later.

When clients book they only see available services, then available time slots, this is a real-time system with a completely new modern back-end for easy operation.

Integrate with Stripe and have payments and confirmation in real-time. Integrating with Stripe automatically allows integration with major accounting software like Xero.

Print an automatic generated PDF indicating appointment time and paid.

Integrate with SMS systems for reminders.

One manager of your system for personal help when you need it. We can trace any aspect of a transaction - imagine being able to do that with a bank should you have a question about a charge or payment?

Back-end view where you can enter appointments

Appointment Payments

On the website view where appointment options are presented to potential clients.

Appointment Booking System


Appointment Booking SystemOur custom interactive calendars on your website allow anyone to see the availability of anyone else on the calendar. It works flawlessly - never makes a mistake even when two people book at exactly the same time! It is built to suit your business and works on your website with no 3rd party logins required.

Problem solved two separate entities can make a confirmed booking on behalf of the other on the spot.

Room Bookings Help

Custom Shopping Cart version 3

A year in the making, with the first site using our new cart being Adelaide Hills Wines Ilya Vineyards. Some features-:

  • upgrade my servers to accept latest SSL security, monitored by an expert team.
  • custom security checks on top of SSL and Stripe preventing many annoying fraud attempts
    (fraud attempts may fail howler they can affect your performance by taking up database connections - we prevent many of these with custom code)
  • connect to using latest code (this is constantly upgraded)
  • create Products structure (unique for every client)
  • create complex Shipping instructions and calculations
  • create Products image sizes that are automatically created from 1 initial image (you do not upload and resize multiple images)
  • test code from existing site designs (image sizes, up and down values interaction with existing scripts etc)
  • ensure client process allows them not to have to login and not to have to refill values if they are changing them or going back one screen
  • ensure an existing client is not duplicated they have one main customer record even if purchasing multiple times
  • add discount button, these can have timers and expiries
  • create custom PDF invoice
  • dual verification 1. from Stripe 2. from your website confirming an Order Number without leaving the final screen.
  • create orders back-end where details are recorded eg you can set it to being sent
  • latest JavaScript allows secure placement of products on other websites - your products can be listed on complimentary websites which retrieve info live
  • Shopping Cart system is not an add on it is integrated into the site with the same code structure
  • have the developer available by phone offering lifelong support
  • SEO built into the shopping cart
  • Business Mobile Apps

    Business Mobile Phone App

    If you are keen to build a business App that pulls data from a website we can help you. We have built various systems that can move data around so there is one entry point.

    Here is a simple example - this Hearing Aids Brisbane site is listing prices from Hearing Aid Prices site which was the first site in Australia to list prices of hearing aids across major brands. A disruptive innovative approach that was first to market.

    The data is only entered in one central location and is sent to various sites. We excited to be working on an App version. In technical terms the advent of major Social Media sites means APIs and data a now designed to go anywhere. We use those same techniques for your mobile App.

    • experts at designing and developing databases
    • years of experience in web transactions
    • built complex booking systems
    • innovative and first to market

    Email + Shortlinks

    Fed up with multiple systems and multiple logins just to send an email to your valuable clients?

    Our system allows you to manage your entire customer base from your website back end. Send a link and measure how many hits it gets. See who opens your email - add a note to a client. Ask for something specific like recording customers who have downloaded a document.

    All on highly optimised private secure servers - ensuring your emails are sent from your domain name.

    Write an article and send it to all of your clients with a few clicks and only one login.

    Need help with any of this functionality? Call the developer directly for help.

    Our Next Generation Blog

    As an SEO and web developer it is nice to create a tool that helps clients get more from their blogs (news article posts).

    Our latest tool gives insights into the number of views and popular pages on your blog. Web statistics are not new but how the data is presented can give you insights into what is performing and why.

    Time Cost Quality ScopeOur next project is to create sites that talk to the visitor based on what they visit on the site. A good blog system with well written and researched articles would allow you to create specific calls to action should a user be interested in a certain topic or product.

    Search engines like Google already have very advanced systems like this - but what if you could tell that the visitor that just subscribed had spent quite a bit of time researching Product A - you could call them and discuss it - or you could offer them something that interests them on their next visit without lifting a finger.

    This is not new but what is new for our best every system is that it is intuitive to use, fun to analyse and can save time.

    Membership Subscription Platform

    Have you ever wanted to charge for online seminars, content or ongoing videos and keep the members on your site?
    Everything is in your control for minimal cost.
    By combining Video hosting, eCommerce payments, Paypal and years of custom code refinement you can efficiently monetise your videos, documents, audio to your members.

    Operate the system yourself or have us set everything up - the choice is yours.

    Physiotherapist Sally Buratowski produced a set of 12 DVDs. We created a system to market the DVDs via online subscriptions. The results are fantastic.

    • Recurring Payments Automated via PayPal/eCommerce/Stripe
    • Can include on site credit card payments
    • Responsive multi-device site design
    • Fully Integrated with video with full security
    • No Bandwidth costs for video
    • Coupons, trial periods and email marketing

    Membership Subscription Platform

    Interactive Maps

    Design Construct Gold CoastOur interactive maps work on any device including iPhones and are designed to be quick loading and a real boost in Google. This map is for Cameron Constructions Builder Gold Coast

    • Created in Flash AS3
    • Modular design
    • Manages sound accurately
    • Gives recommendations and customises output based on results

    Creating a Mobile Friendly Web Application

    Mobile Content Management System We have long been proud of our Content Management System.
    Making it adaptable to any business requirement and evolving adds power and flexibility.
    A client asked us to create a system where they could automatically create PDF orders online for their suppliers whilst out it the field. They loved the system but then asked can it be easier to use from a mobile phone?
    We adapted our existing system to detect if it was being accessed by a mobile or handheld device and make the content easy to operate on a small screen.
    After all the hype on mobile devices in recent years it is really only now (when more people actually have latest the phones and can afford to use them on competitive plans) when web content should be made for different environments on the fly.

    Distributed Systems

    Distributed SystemsThis system can be applied to many industries. It allows you to place your information on any website.
    Check the Invisible Hearing Aid Prices Brisbane page that is actually retrieving data from Hearing Aid Prices website - one set or data going to various locations on any device.
    That information could be live bookings, homes for sale, products for sale but it is managed from one source.
    One example is an accommodation booking calendar that could be placed on any website.
    Can you think up another application of this, that would give you a competitive advantage?

    • It is part of our in house content management system (not the one size fits all variety)
    • Can be combined with almost any system
    • Can be distributed to many websites with no special code required
    • Super fast and efficient
    • Can include affiliates and commissions

    Co-ordination Google Calendars with your website and business

    Google calendars are rich in functionality and can be effectively utilised to enhance your business.
    They can even send free SMS notifications to you.
    We have a new time saving Contractor Management System that includes the following functionality-:

    • Book multiple contractors on multiple jobs
    • Individual contractors logins and management
    • Free SMS notification and online booking co-ordinated with Google Calendars
    • Manage equipment
    • Order products automatically from your suppliers based on a specific job
    • Record hours and create automatic invoices in pdf   PDF Invoices

    Accommodation Booking System

    We have developed a system that allows a booking system to be developed and placed on an infinite number of websites. It is completely interactive without page refreshes and super fast.
    Hence from one central location you can manage your bookings and place them on different websites.

    We think this is great because it increases the exposure without any additional work from the people maintaining the Q1 rooms.

    Integrating Google Maps

    Google Maps can be added to sites - they can also be automated and programmed.

    An example of this is that has a gold coast accommodation map that is configured via our Content Management System and allows the map to be updated without any knowledge of programming or code.
    You simply enter the longitude and latitude (via another website) and it updates. We can also automate images into the map that do not require any knowledge of image programs to operate.

    New The Marine Centre Temperate Zone Integrates Google Maps v3 with clustering and panoramic images of locations in a pop-up fancybox.

    Virtual Tours - With Google Maps and Flash

    Marine Centre Virtual Tour 360 degree Panoramas and VR integrating Flash JSP and MySQL
    We have some very interesting projects that integrate our Flash skills with our content management system.

    One area is VR and panoramic images - perfect for a real-estate site.
    this is shot using a good quality tripod and a Nikon SLR digital camera - the images are stitched together and integrated into a Google Map.

    About the author

    Philip Hoile has lectured at Griffith University in e-business, advanced e-business, e-commerce and User Interface Design. A web developer since 1996 specialising in programming website Content Management Systems.
    My interest in SEO and web marketing stems from a desire to improve client outcomes.

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