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Recommendations for a Functional Website

Recommendations for a functional website

Purchase a relevant domain name from a reputable provider. It must be in your business name ie. owned by the business entity.

The decision of your domain name is a key consideration. No longer is it necessary to have multiple domain names. There are less SEO factors than previously. Choose your provider carefully. We manage domains for clients free of charge to ensure they are not sent bogus invoices and they do not loose a domain name due to an email error.

Developing effective email strategies can really benefit your business. You need to know the difference between an email alias, POP3, security TLS etc just so your email actually arrives reliably.

We help clients setup emails for free. Email is vital to a functioning business. Spam filters can interfere with email delivery. Sending automated emails from a website requires key considerations. You may have an email expert you use. We can co-ordinate with experts to ensure your website is not detrimental to your email process. Or alternatively we can setup simple hosting based emails or retain a functional gmail email whilst still managing an effective website.

Sending an auto-generated email based on the specifics of a user enquirey adds a personal touch to a website.

A website needs to be hosted on a server to be available on the internet.

Hosting affects the speed and quality of your site. It is a key SEO factor. With our ongoing SEO clients we provide secure high quality hosting free. Our servers are expertly managed secure private servers. By managing our own servers, there is less interference from a typical shared service. We maintain security by not allowing any access to outsiders to this system, thus reducing downtime and allow fast maintenance. We never charge fees just to keep your site "updated".

A working relationship with our hosting partners allows our servers to maintain a signifiant advantage over typically shared servers.

Google Analytics is important to analysing your website visitors.

Using Google Analytics for SEO is important in analysing your visitors. "If you can't measure it, you can't improve it". Google Analytics must be setup with you as the owner. You can manage access to others.

Google Search Console reports valuable information on Google searches.

Click and impression information helps analyse pages that are working well or could work better. You can analyse which search terms and which pages are effective. Google Search Console must be setup with you as the owner. You can manage access to others.

Google My Business is the local business information at the top of search results. They are not organic search results. They allow for reviews of your business.

Google does not give information about its algorithm but declares Relevance, Distance and Prominence factor in results. Google My Business must be setup with you as the owner. You can manage access to others. Be wary of unscrupulous competitors in the Google My Business maps section. Sometimes incorrect information is derived or submitted on your behalf. The landscape in Google My Business changes regularly. Good SEO practises can enhance your account.

Where possible keep social media accounts in the name of your business or co-ordinated with your brand.

Check which social media accounts are available for your brand or your business name. Social media accounts like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram can add value to your overall marketing strategy. To varying degrees social media has an effect on SEO. SEO is proven to be the most effective internet marketing.

A functional website is no longer a luxury, it is essential.
Web development provides an opportunity to align technology with business. The magic happens when they combine to make dramatic improvements to business performance.

Responsive Website Design refers to a website that displays effectively on various screen sizes. The code and the system behind (back-end) matters. Who and how that is managed can make a huge difference.

Ecommerce (electronic commerce) is the buying and selling of goods and services, or the transmitting of funds or data, over an electronic network, primarily the internet.

Successful eCommerce can be the end result of all the above factors combining to produce a revenue stream. We have an eCommerce formular that works exceptionally well. We look for a competitive advantage. A barrier to competition can also be beneficial. Enhancing a natural advantage with eCommerce systems makes for opportunities to increase income. One key criteria for effective eCommerce is business experience of the operator. You do not need eCommerce experience, we provide that. We develop our own unique eCommerce platform including Shopping Carts. By combining eCommerce with SEO we have very cost effective solutions that out perform one size fits all systems.

Our features and prices

Features of a site created by us.

Creative ideas

Everything starts with an idea.

Built for SEO

We have unique systems and a unique style of coding a site with SEO in mind from the outset. Every page is optimised for both speed and SEO.

Fully responsive

Your site will be viewed on multiple devices with different screen sizes. Modern grid systems like Bootstrap allow code to be written once and presented on many devices well.

Fast clean code

Coders since 1996 - we validate your code against current standards and optimise for speed.


Our own commercial servers with back-up and reliability. Unique spam detection and prevention.

Modern design

Don't make me think! Modern visitors to your site may have been on a screen all day.

$5500inc GST


  • Custom Site
  • Up to 30 pages
  • Unique Design
  • Built for SEO
  • Built to W3C standards
  • FREE  Personal Ongoing Support/Monitoring
  • Direct access to developer Gold Coast
  • FREE Security Updates for life of site
  • FREE Hosting for SEO clients*
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$8800inc GST


  • Custom Site
  • Unlimited pages
  • Unique Design/Product Structure
  • BLOG
  • Built for SEO
  • Advanced Competitor Analysis
  • Shopping Cart
  • Email Marketing
  • Stripe Payment Systems (Secure)
  • Custom PDF
  • Built to W3C standards
  • FREE  Personal Ongoing Support/Monitoring
  • Direct access to developer Gold Coast
  • FREE Security Updates for life of site
  • FREE Hosting for SEO clients*
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web development focus

Our approach uses our 20+ years of web development to your advantage. The first step is to find a niche to give you a competitive advantage. We are web development and Gold Coast SEO agency based in Main Beach.
Your entire site can be managed by 1 person and only 1 login.
Does that sound like a better way to manage your website?

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Shopping Carts

We create custom shopping carts to enhance SEO and help generate sales. Phil's lecturing background includes 13 years of User Interface Design. Our Payment Gateway of choice is Stripe, no monthly fees and a variety of integrations. You only have to lease directly with us.

Image Manager v4

Our inhouse created BLOG +  admin dashboard back-end, designed to improve SEO. Easily manage images (Audio, YouTube, Podcasts, Short Links, Emails, Membership and Booking Systems too). The ultimate 'Blog'. Built on enterprise level, secure, write once run anywhere Java.

Custom Websites

Our preference is to combine a really well written font-end style with our back-end (Image Manager v4). For the technically minded: Bootstrap 5 (Responsive CSS), jQuery with emphasis on fast, valid HTML 5. Using enterprise level Java and JSP. Latest web projects.

Advanced Hosting

Our hosting partners are the best in the business. Serving up page after page on secure, backed-up servers. We use multiple servers in different strategic locations (3 continents). On the rare occasion something goes wrong we fix it immediately. Speed and reliability beyond typical 'shared hosting'.

Full Stack Web Developer - Gold Coast

Our skill-set is important and so are the soft skills to develop effective customer relationships.

The SEO advantage of being a full stack Web Developer

A full stack Web Developer has the following skills-:

1 Front-end languages (HTML/CSS)

2 Back-end (programming) Languages like Java

3 JavaScript

4 Database Management Skills

5 Design Skills



8 Knowledge of Web Architecture

9 Version control or a source control system

Bootstrap Code Example

Soft Skills Development

Soft Skills

Soft skills like Problem-solving skills, Effective communication skills, Creativity, Patience, An eye for detail, Analytical skills and even Leadership skills round off a full stack developer.

Often it is the right attitude that gets results. If we are open to communicate well with our clients, together we can achieve that magic result.

Our Website Creation Process

Just getting a site template and changing the words is not how we do web development.

We start with a brilliant flexible modern design. It is pre-built by a design team who can produce far more than any single developer ever could.
The comprehensive documentation allows us to take that pre-defined look and use the features of the design to really enhance your business.

We only choose designs built with Bootstrap, a CSS framework that reduces time and adds consistency.
This means we can look at your code and know the functionality behind the page.

Choices like colour, menu items, which products or services to include in the main menu and footer menu are the next considerations.

We test the various components available to familiarise how the components adapt (responsive design) to different device screen sizes.

It is important to comply with W3C validation standards. Standards matter because any new browser or device will be built to a standard.

Notes are taken on any changes to the standard supplied by the designers.

We always know the variations we have added to the core design and your particular site.

Form validation and JavaScript's are tested to ensure no glitches across browsers. Our spam filters eliminate the need for cryptic guessing games.

We then mould the design on top of our in-house back-end systems.

This means that your data can be displayed on a variety of designs, now and in the future.

We go through the code line by line to reduce any unnecessary (unused) scripts.

Each page is crafted to only use the code necessary on that page. This reduces load times.
PDF Download Web Development Process

SEO - Search Engine Optimisation

When we create a site, it is made with Search Engine Optimisation in mind. Even if the client is not going to initiate monthly SEO, the site is still made to enhance performance in search engines.

To get a full understanding of how we apply SEO refer to our main-:
SEO Page

Research your Competition

We thoroughly research your competition and the likelihood of your success.

Our advanced SEO software allows deep analysis of any site including competitors.

Images created or purchased for the site are compared to other industry images used. Google Images is a powerful entity. It provides a rich source of research on which images are popular.
All content is 100% original. If using a stock image we ensure it is not used by a direct competitor.

When all of the factors listed above work in unison, your site is competitively better than your competition, especially in its construction.

Consider that Google is aware of the the quality of content and design features of a website. The payload of a site is obvious when Google crawls the site.
The uniqueness of content is clearly obvious.

The choice is to have a site that is better than your competitors.
Any enhancements and adjustments to content play a role in how Google assess the quality of your site.
Hence a poorly made site may appear acceptable to some, it will not advance in Google or convert visitors to customers as well as an advanced site made by us.

SEO Competitor Analysis

Experience Counts

As I am a multi-skilled developer for over 20 years I have economy of scale and experience advantages over "digital agencies" that typically have higher overheads and larger teams.

Creativity is Intelligence having Fun

A Gold Coast SEO and Web Developer