Using Google Analytics for SEO

Using Google Analytics for SEO

"If you can't measure it, you can't improve it."

Techniques to help analyse your website using Google Analytics Universal and the new Google Analytics 4

Is social media a productive investment for your site? We can show you how to find out.

Setting up GA4

You may already have Universal Analytics - you can setup Google Analtyics 4 as well as Universal.

Enhanced Measurement

Enhance how specific events are handled in Google Analytics 4
Tacking and Reporting Outbound Clicks


Setting Up GA4 Google Analytics 4

Setting Up Google Analytics 4

One of the most compelling features of Google Analytics 4 (GA4) is how engagement is measured. Instead of Bounce-Rate in Universal, GA4 measures engagement out of the box, thus giving feedback on which pages and which Traffic Aquistion sources offer the best engagement. You can determine at a glance if your social media campaigns are effective.

Google Analytics 4 makes it easier to discover actionable, privacy-safe insights from across the customer journey. GA4 works with or without cookies or identifiers, so you can learn about your customers even with gaps in your data.

With machine learning at its core to automatically uncover insights from your data that help you predict and reach the customers who are most likely to convert.

Let's assume you have Google Universal setup already and want to update to Google Analytics 4. Setup GA4 as well as keeping Universal to ensure you retain your historical data. Also there are some useful reports in Google Universal and its integration with Google Console being valid reasons to retain it.

Steps in Setting Up Google Analytics 4

1: From Universal go to-:

Admin>GA4 Setup Assistant>

Setup Google Analytics 4 Step 1

2: Click Get Started

Setup Google Analytics 4 Step 2

3: Click Create Property

Setup Google Analytics 4 Step 3

4: Click See your GA4 property

Setup Google Analytics 4 Step 4

5: Confirm Data Streams (Enhnaced Measurement)

Setup Google Analytics 4 Step 5

6: Choose the appropriate Tag script and paste into every page of your site.

Setup Google Analytics 4 Step 6


Enhanced Measurement

Tracking and Reporting Outbound Clicks

There are automatically collected events in Google Analytics 4 (GA4). It is a programmable event driven model.

One of the events is a "click" which by definition is "each time a user clicks a link that leads away from the current domain". In this example we are going to enhance that click event to record clicks to external sources so they are reported.

We want to know specifically (in this case) how often a site clicks to Google My Business reviews and how often there is a click to an external booking site and see a report of the urls and the count. When created you will see reports as per below-:


Outbound Click Google Analytics 4

To see the Outbound Click report above we created a Custom Dimension (Configure>Custom Dimensions) named "Outbound Click" with the "Event" scope and the property parameter link/url. So when a link away from your site is clicked we are recording the url.

However the gotcha here is this will not be visible until there have been some of the events recorded. Hence take a note and return in a couple of days when some data has been recorded and you can then add this screen to your report (refer Creating Custom Dimension - note it may appear automatically). This is tricky because you see nothing initially until some events have been stored. So that makes it not available when you initially set it up.

Google explains this with 'you will see a value of "not set" for a custom dimension during the first 48 hours'.

Creating Custom Dimension (Definition)

Create Custom Dimensions Google Analytics


Admin>Data Streams>Enhanced measurement>

Switch on Enhanced Measurement
Ensure Enhanced measurement is switched on. Note we are recording Outbound clicks.

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