Email Marketing
Email Marketing

Email Marketing

Email Marketing is ideal if you have a bunch of contacts who can purchase from you regularly.

  • Craft beautifully styled responsive emails
  • Personalise emails to suit the audience
  • Retain clients and keep them informed
  • Cost effective

Benefit from our research

We have been crafting marketing emails for more than 2 decades. In fact we built our own email marketing system with advanced features customised to your website.

01. Hand Coded Emails

The payload of a marketing email makes a difference. Our hand coded emails are designed to work across major email servers and devices. They are lean, mean, fighting machines.

Capitl Email Design

02. Opt in Forms

Gathering opt in customers is the part of our SEO strategies. Designing opt in forms that offer feedback help collect useful contacts and filter out spammers.

Example Web Form

03. Special Landing Pages

Need a specific landing page for an email? As a web developer these are part of the same system. No more competing, seperate systems and only one person to help manage your entire marketing needs.

Hearing Aid Prices Offer

04. Ecommerce advantages

We have our own shopping cart system that is incredibly effective at generating sales. This is fully integrated into our email system. They are the same system. No more compatibility issues between different software. You operate it or we can assist. Integrated with Google Analytics.

Online Shopping Cart

Managing Lists and Dealing with SPAM

Websites are constantly being targetted by spammers. Some are sophisticated, however many are just annoying. Our aim is to reduce the annoyance and time required to manage your email list and issues with spam. We have custom code and our own privately managed servers. We help you manage your email.

Personalise your email campaigns

By building your site, managing your SEO and your email marketing we tailor the system to how your business operates.

Advanced Tracking

Some mail servers actually follow links in emails as part of a security scan before inbox delivery. Under our system we can recognise these automations and adjust the open rate and click rate accordingly. We can track email link clicks on a Customer basis and know if the message was properly downloaded or it was clicked from the text only version. Often they are clicked from the text only version as our emails are designed to read well with or without images.

Google Analytics can reveal a lot about your email campaign

We can check the engagement rate (visitors that stayed longer than 10 seconds) in the Direct row-:

Google Analytics 4 User Engagement

Reduce Overall Marketing Costs

There is a lot of reuse of resources available and cost savings when your Web Developer manages your SEO and Email Marketing. Think of the communication overheads of multiple people.

Email Marketing with Mailchimp


Mailchimp is advanced software for sending emails and managing subscribers. They also offer websites, forms and landing pages and more. The better your general web knowledge the more effective you will be with Mailchimp. Many businesses use Mailchimp. We offer to setup up Mailchimp for you so you have the advanced DNS settings etc right first time so your emails reach their destination instead of junk folders.

  • Easily create templates
  • Intuitive Interface
  • Advanced Features
  • Free version
$495 Setup

Setup and Send 1st Campaign

Advanced Configuration to ensure maximum delivery, setup Email Design Template add bulk contacts, fully test and evaluate.

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$195 Per Campaign

Subsequent Campaign

Design and send subsequent email campaigns.

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