Pay Per Click Search Marketing

Pay Per Click Search Marketing is where you pay Google for a sponsored position. It is a bidding system and also rewards ads that get clicked on more often by placing them higher in the queue.
I prefer my clients to engage my SEO services to get high in organic search results that are free.
In some cases it is useful to use pay per click. One good example is when you have just launched your site and pretty much no SEO can do anything immediately. Sometimes you need to test whether your site design is effective.

Pay Per Click campaigns e.g. Google Adwords can be great for determining whether visitors are reacting positively to your site. By spending $100 on a small campaign on your keywords you can measure your return and determine if your site design is working.
Pay per click is good for seasonal items. There has been some reports that having both an organic presence and pay per click can increase response rates.

Saving money on Google Adwords

If your site performs better than your competition it costs you less to market your site using Google Adwords.
You pay the same as your competition but the % of successful results are higher.

The difference between an effective site and an ineffective site over 1 year

Bounce Rate

Clicks per month

Avg. Cost Per Click

Conversion Rate

Value Added per year*

90% 200 $3.20 1/200 -$5280
50% 200 $3.20 1/20 $16320

* Value added per year is assumed at the rate of a $200 service. Hence it is assumed we are marketing a service eg a Building Inspection that costs $200
Check our glossary of SEO terms to understand some of these terms.
Note this is one scenario accurately documented to illustrate how you can easily pay too much in Adwords largely because of the ineffectiveness of your site.

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