Case Studies
Hearing Aid Prices SEO Case Study

The Hearing Aid Prices SEO Case Study is an industry disrupting website launched in 2010. It has had 4 redesigns since inception. Prior to this site, there were no websites in Australia listing the prices of brand name hearing aids.

  • Permanently reduced the costs of hearing aids in Australia.
  • eCommerce SEO
  • Unique back-end to facilitate SEO and distribution of products
  • Our concept - multi-website SEO strategy

Case Study

The Hearing Aid industry in Australia was dominated by a number of foreign conglomerates. There was little transparency in terms of disclosing or comparing products and prices.
The only online prices available were on overseas websites. The prices listed were dramatically lower than what we were paying in Australia.

We tested the water with our first Hearing Aid site Hearing Aids Australia. It succeeded from the get go. Soon after we worked with a hearing aid provider on

01. Site Structure

We designed the site around the obvious groupings like brands, styles and price points (Premium, Advanced and Standard).
There is also a growing market for hearing aid accessories. Items in the menu and the design of the menu are very important. The site has to be fast and not load unnecessary information. Our SEO Friendly Shopping Cart has many advantages over one size fits all systems.

Website Structure

02. Distributed Systems

We use our own in-house back-end systems and our own private servers. Developing an SEO friendly mechanism for sharing products on related websites needs to ensure that the sites receiving the data do not detract from the rankings of the main site. Duplicate information is not rewarded by Google.

Distributed Systems

03. Dynamic PDF Generation

As a Java programmer using the write once run anywhere (WORA) philosophy, libraries like Apache PDFBox® and Apache FOP are open source Java tools for working with PDF documents. They allow the programmatic creation of PDF documents. As a multi-skilled SEO we provide coding advantages to our SEO clients.

The value of dynamic PDF documents is when a price changes or a product detail changes the documents contain the latest correct information. A number of products can be collated into one document. The document can be sent or printed. Great for people who like a tangible document to read.

Dynamic Product PDF Brochure Process

Hearing Healthcare Keyword Rich

The diversity in keywords related to hearing and hearing aids is diverse. This can be a rich source of content. Understanding that Google uses AI to determine related keywords. So using the word fees or costs can often be related to prices. Hence decisions on site structure are a major consideration.

SEO Built-in to the Design Process

Our eCommerce system is a custom website with our standard back-end. This allows for future design changes to be over-laid onto a previous design, rather than the site completely scraped when a design change is required. Most eCommerce platforms cannot do this.

Our SEO incorporates server, back-end and site structure to promote the researched keywords. Products can be differentiated by a completely custom system rather than a one size fits all shopping cart. Product search behaviour, contributes to the overall design. A multi-site strategy also includes Hearing Aids Brisbane and Both of these sites share live product information generated from From start to finish we suggested these strategies to the client. 10 years on even with today's increased competition, we have maintained this site working well on important SEO keywords.

Working with advanced Google Ai Search

Google New Feature

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