Hearing Loss and the NDIS
Hearing Loss and the #NDIS - the thresholds for qualifying as a participant when you have a hearing loss
date createdTue Apr 23 10:10:49 GMT+10:00 2019
How to solve that day from hell - #stress
date createdWed Apr 10 11:42:23 GMT+10:00 2019
The perils of overeating
The perils of overeating - even #overeating healthy food has issues
date createdWed Apr 10 11:30:10 GMT+10:00 2019
Gut Healing Smoothie
A gut healing smoothie recipe - check the ingredients out Celery Coriander and more
date createdFri Apr 05 16:10:29 GMT+10:00 2019
Hearing augmentation devices - IQBuds
New hearing augmentation devices - some with features you usually only see in premium #HearingAids
date createdWed Apr 03 16:22:04 GMT+10:00 2019
Tips when looking to buy a home
Does your #goldcoast building inspector this have this much general building knowledge?
date createdWed Apr 03 15:23:59 GMT+10:00 2019
Business Email Tips
Business Email Tips - firstly does it need to be an email? If so these tips will really help
date createdTue Apr 02 13:56:52 GMT+10:00 2019
Termite Inspection Procedure
Termite Inspection Procedure - you need a Termite Inspection every 12 months - check the standards that apply
date createdFri Mar 29 15:55:17 GMT+10:00 2019
Visualise your kitchen renovation
Visualise your kitchen renovation. How to make your kitchen renovation as simple as can be. #GoldCoast
date createdThu Mar 28 15:28:28 GMT+10:00 2019
What Are Power Factor Charges?
What are power factor charges? Power Factor charges can be described as wasted electricity or electricity available for a sudden surge
date createdThu Mar 28 15:16:09 GMT+10:00 2019
Climate Change, Power and Politics
The world's CO2 emissions are rising and coal for electricity generation is to blame - guess which countries are the culprits? #AusPol
date createdWed Mar 27 11:37:52 GMT+10:00 2019
Hearing Aid Cost Breakthrough 2019
Prices have dropped dramatically on Hearing Aids in Australia including professional backup and care - you may even qualify for a further discount from the various Australian funding mechanisms
date createdWed Mar 27 10:31:23 GMT+10:00 2019
Disability or Hearing Loss
Funding for a #NDIS participant with a hearing loss has the bar set quite high - you need a significant hearing loss because it is pure tone average of 500Hz, 1000Hz, 2000Hz and 4000Hz
date createdWed Mar 27 09:22:45 GMT+10:00 2019
Pay Per Click Search Marketing
For marketing to be effecting your Marketing Cost Per Unit needs to decrease as you spend on advertising increases. #SEO vs #Adwords
date createdFri Mar 22 16:55:35 GMT+10:00 2019
Pay Per Click Search Marketing
How decision tree analysis can help justify whether #Adwords or #SEO offers better value
date createdWed Mar 20 17:28:52 GMT+10:00 2019
Hearing with Less Effort
When you listen to a conversation, your ears and your brain work together as a system and it's your brain that does the heavy lifting. Brain functions include Orient, Recognise, Focus and Seperate.
date createdMon Mar 18 13:15:40 GMT+10:00 2019
Hearing Aid Brands - Hearing aid prices - Compare Hearing Aid brands Australia
The first site in Australia to list prices across major hearing aid brands
date createdThu Mar 14 15:49:10 GMT+10:00 2019
Kitchen Renovation
A few trades involved in a kitchen renovation #GoldCoast Painter Electrician Floor Sander even Pest Control
date createdWed Mar 13 16:55:19 GMT+10:00 2019
Electricity and Water is Dangerous
Electricity and water is a dangerous combination
date createdWed Mar 13 11:22:19 GMT+10:00 2019
Sudden Hearing Loss
A tragic personal story of Sudden Hearing Loss and misdiagnosis
date createdWed Mar 13 10:09:30 GMT+10:00 2019