Instant Payment Gateway

By Instant Payment Gateway we are not suggesting solutions that are quick to set up - we will discuss the importance of a solution that allows the user to stay on the site (or page if necessary) and receive instant secure verification of thier purchase.

Why is instant payment notification important?
If your company is competing on benefits rather than just price - your web presence is very important.
The free shopping cart that looks just like everyone elses and having to leave your site to complete payment is going to cost you at the checkout. This requires some investment in both time and money so here are a few simple steps.

Test the market and your design

There is nothing wrong with starting out small, in fact you should test your concept way before you start paying Merchant Account and Payment Gateway fees. Test your site with some Google Adwords - these allow you to get some targetted customers and test your product or service. You could use some simple PayPal buy now buttons or just test your response by phone and email. When your website works - your phone rings and your receive email.
If you break even here you defenitely have something worth investing more in so move to step 2. (note if you don't break even here - you may need to refine your design or your target)

Choose your Payment Gateway Provider

A good Australian Payment Gateway will be authorised to use major Australian Merchants (ANZ, Commbank etc.) but the major advantage of using the right payment gateway is they will be able to co-ordinate everything on your website (with your web developer) which is your major selling tool. In some cases they can provide a site for you.
They may even be able to help you choose a better Merchant Account for your industry.

Choose your Merchant Account (Bank)

Unfortunately you need to do your homework here - there is no listing available of likely rates (Merchant Service Fee) for Merchant Accounts from Australian banks (normally 1.1% - 5%). At least if you get to here you have a site that is working, and a payment gateway flexible enough to help you sell more effectively.

Some Bank Costs

Commbank (Macro Gateway) - all 3rd parties need to use this.

  • $99 Setup
  • $24 Annual Fee
  • $12 Minimum (Monthly) MSF (Merchant Service Fee is the % charged by the bank for each transaction normally 1.1% - 5% depending on risk and turnover)


  • $99 Setup
  • $29.95 - Annual Fee
  • $29.95 - Minimum (Monthly) MSF (Merchant Service Fee is the % charged by the bank for each transaction normally 1.1% - 5% depending on risk and turnover)

Basically it is quite complicated to get an even playing field because some may have different charges for different systems, and even cards like AMEX and Dinners. Talk to your payment gateway provider as they will have a good understanding of bank charges. Some gateways will have a competitive advantage with certain banks - which is another reason to start with the payment gateway and work out from there (hence step 2 is payment gateway).

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