Using the potential of YouTube

Using the potential of YouTube
  • Aug 15, 2016

Using the potential of YouTube

updated Mar 2024

Never has the opportunity to broadcast a video to the world been available to so many. In 2024 features like detailed analysis of demographics and views allows even more scope to improve your channel.

There is the opportunity to use Youtube on your site without the costs of data for the video. Video Marketing is an effective tool especially when you can create a YouTube account free.

Create a channel first,
videos on YouTube cannot be transferred.

YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine on the Internet.

How to effectively use YouTube

You login and create a channel (most sites call this a profile). refer below

Success on YouTube is not necessarily about being a world class film maker - it can be achieved by a working knowledge of YouTube and creation of compelling content.

You can upload your video in various formats.
Once uploaded your video will be converted.

You can then set descriptions and tags on your videos to help people find it.

Good Lighting for quality videos

A Successful YouTube Video

This video is perfect for a boat hire site. It has consistently ranked highly in YouTube yet it is short and relatively simple. It's the noise that works - click the image below to view.

Jet Boat Ride Gold Coast

Creating Quality Videos

There are 2 factors that done well can make video shot with any camera acceptable.

1 Quality Audio

2 Quality Lighting

Check the audio on this article and notice it is quite good quality and better than most audio from the mike of a video camera.

There are a number of ways to improve audio - we have used a high quality digital recorder instead of relying on the camera for audio.

Refer Low Budget High Impact Web Videos

Lighting test (1 image with lighting the other without)


Can you notice even the subtle differences in lighting between the first and second image? Check the Shure logo on the box. Check the colour of the yellow in the plastic bag. This is shot with an IPhone 12 only.

Setting up your YouTube Channel

YouTube accounts are directly linked to Google accounts.
So set your own channel with a specific business name you can either use an existing Google account to create your YouTube account, or you can set up a YouTube account from scratch and a Google account will be created for you as a consequence.

YouTube Channel Setup

Key Menu Items in YouTube

YouTube Key Menu Items YouTube Studio - where you can manage your videos check analytics
Upload a Video - (+) click the video icon and drag and drop videos to be uploaded
Channel Analytics - left hand side menu when you are in YouTube Studio allows you to view detailed viewing stats

These items are available from the right-hand side when you click your Google icon. To add and manage a video on your channel these are the 2 places to go first.

How Does Electricity Get To My Home Video

YouTube Analytics - Overview Reach Engagement Audience

After creating a video about How does electricity get to your home (above) we noticed a lot of views of that video. The question is how to adequately asses the value of that traffic? The answer is YouTube Analytics, here is what we discovered-:

1 How Viewers Find the Video

YouTube Video Analytics How Viewers Find This Video

2 Impressions vs Views

YouTube Video Analytics Impressions vs Views

An Impression is when the YouTube video displays in front of a viewer and View is when they view the video (actually click on it)

3 YouTube Search Terms

YouTube Search Terms

Integrating YouTube into your website

It makes sense to have YouTube integrated into your website -:

  • Explainer Videos
  • Blogs/News Articles which contain videos
  • Shopping Cart Product Pages with videos eg ReSound Multi Mic
  •  a Videos page on your site

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