When NOT to pay for SEO

When NOT to pay for SEO
  • Sep 5, 2023

When NOT to pay for SEO

The most obvious situation when NOT to utilise SEO is when the cost of SEO exceeds the value you would receive in return. In financial terms this is Return on Investment (ROI).

1 Volumes of searches are low

Some industries do not work on SEO - they may may work on word of mouth.
The volume of searches are estimates of the number of searches per month on a specific term or keyword.

2 Competition is too high

In some cases the competition for keywords is so high, it is simply not worth the expense to get to the top.

Most of SEO is the quality of content. With the advent of AI and the ability of Google to analyse content, the quality of website content must be good.

This may require a substantial investment in time and effort.

3 Which sites are ranking for your keywords?

Another technique for accessing the possible success of an SEO campaign is to analyse the sites that are currently at the top.

Then you need to realistically look at your site in comparison to the sites that rank well.

SEO software can directly estimate and compare your competitors to your own site in terms of -:

  • Organic Keywords
  • Click Volumes
  • Comparison of Backlinks and Organic Clicks over time


Alternatives to SEO

  • Networking as simple as going to your local coffee shop or joining a networking group
  • Email Marketing is ideal if you have a bunch of contacts who can purchase from you regularly

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