Booklets for Telling your story

Booklets for Telling your story
  • Aug 7, 2019

Booklets for Telling your story

Do you have a unique story to tell?

If your story needs some impact consider creating a permanent tangible booklet.

Tell Your Story In a Booklet

Booklets can come in many shapes and sizes, most common are A4 booklets.

Are you presenting at an event and want to make an impact?

Are you competing for a special job and really need to present yourself in a favourable light?

Consult a printer and be pleasantly surprised - some quick facts -:

  • How long does it take?  200 booklets can be printed in a day or two
  • How many pages?  Up to 80 pages in a saddle stitched booklet
  • The cover?  For a more executive look, covers should be thicker than the internal pages, so maybe a 250gsm cover in gloss or matte.
  • Inside pages?  If clients want to make notes on the inside pages, the inside pages should be done on 100 Bond stock.

Gold Coast Printers (Australia Wide Delivery) can only print up to about 80 pages in a saddle stitched booklet. Any thicker than this, and clients need to consider having the books wire bound, or perfectly bound.

How to send that booklet to a printer - print ready

If you provide us with 'Print ready' artwork this means you will have provided us with a file that we are going to print from.

Printers will not generally look at the content except to check on graphic quality.

Consider the impact your presentation will create with a booklet instead of A4 pages stapled together.

Are you going for a position or contract that requires creativity? What will your competition be presenting? You can't take a powerpoint presentation home to the family (nor would you want to).

Get creative with your booklet

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