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Search Engine Optimisation

Why are we the best value SEO Gold Coast?

Long term SEO strategies since 2000

Large network of quality sites

Being web developers we build sites for our clients and ourselves

No out-sourcing

Avoid spammy techniques that could penalise your site

Custom Applications

We develop custom applications like integrating social media into your site - giving you a structural advantage compared to other sites

Primarily web developers

We manage your site from the server - site and SEO - so your site runs better, works better and can be easily updated

Take a look at some of our success stories -:

SEO is best started at the planning stage of your website - build the site properly and the SEO will take car of itself.

Important questions to ask an SEO?

Q1. If you are a good SEO how do you rank on your own targeted terms?
Check how we rank on-:

  • Gold Coast SEO
  • SEO Gold Coast
  • Search Engine Optimisation Gold Coast

Q2. Who does the SEO work for you?
Avoid SEO's who have limited web development skills - this means they have a limited scope as to what value they can add. With a limited toolset they may only offer standard strategies.
Look for examples of long term success and ask if you can contact those clients directly.
If they have contacted you directly they may be more direct sales oriented and actually outsource the all important SEO work.
Can they demonstrate long term success across both location based sites and generic sites.

Q3. Can you guarantee first page ranking in Google?
Avoid anyone who claims to be able to get any site to the top of Google - the reality is some industries are near impossible to reach the top on for a new site on key generic terms. For example some financial industries, real estate and accommodation are very tough to get results on.

What is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation which is about generating organic search results in search engines like Google.

These search results are not sponsored or paid for they are a result of Google assessing this site to be the most appropriate for a query.

When to hire an SEO?

Google recommends -:

If you're thinking about hiring an SEO, the earlier the better. A great time to hire is when you're considering a site redesign, or planning to launch a new site. That way, you and your SEO can ensure that your site is designed to be search engine-friendly from the bottom up. However, a good SEO can also help improve an existing site. refer Google Webmaster Central

What is Google Page Rank?

Google Page Rank is a system for ranking web pages. This system was developed by Larry Page and Sergey Brin at Stanford University. I stumbled across a report they had written on their ranking system and got interested in Search Engines in 2000. Page rank relies upon the democratic nature of the web and is largely based on quality of content and links going from one page to another.

Important, high-quality sites receive a higher PageRank, which Google remembers each time it conducts a search
PageRank goes from 0 to 10 (10 being the best ranking) and may be a Logarithmic scale using base 5.
PageRank is not as significant in placing sites at the top as it was previously. Google Page Rank
The above diagram is from Search Engine Optimization for Dummies. Google Toolbar

Google Toolbar

The google toolbar is available for web browsers and allows you to search the web but most importantly lets you view the current recorded PageRank of a website.

Which is the best Search Engine?

Google followed in the distance by Yahoo and MSN. Recently Telstra which owns Sensis gave up on trying to compete with the likes of Google.
Google has always been a quality company with a simple motto "Do no evil".

What is the Google Algorithm?

The Google Algorithm is a secret calculation on how a page is placed in a search. All SEO's (search engine optimisers) can only guess the formula and what actually works.
The algorithm does change periodically but usually only to attempt to defeat scams. Google really is about delivering quality search results to people so that they keep using it.
Pay per click or sponsored links via Google Adwords is the main way Google generates income.
These are not organic results they are paid for in a bidding system that again rewards sites that get successful click throughs.
I am not an advocate of paying per clicks but prefer to optimise my clients sites to get to the top of Google under popular keywords. From a programming background I developed my own theories and looked at how other SEO's worked and have a distinct style of SEO. I know it works as many of my clients have got to the top of their keywords.
The techniques I use evolved from my first reading of how Google is structured from an Engineering Point of view. These techniques generate lasting results and are great value.
I also teach my clients how to self promote their websites and using my content management systems that are designed to help promote their sites without ongoing fees.
I do charge for optimisation and can successfully optimise any site whether I have created it or not. Many web designers are very poor at SEO - and often it is the case that a beautifully designed website sits 5 pages deep on their keywords in Google.
I cannot claim to the best designer but I am very good at Search Engine Optimisation and creating innovative websites with my own systems.

There is a direct relationship between a good design and sales from websites. I use the best designers who seem to have that wow factor.

We pay close attention to Google Webmaster Guidelines. Being web developers we can ensure all of these guidelines are met. Our CMS is designed with these guidelines in mind.
To understand what an SEO actually does Download the Google Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide »

Some changes to Google recently (Panda update 2011) have been very effective at weeding out spammy sites. A good article on issues about optimising for google is available at www.stepforth.com

How long does SEO last?

I use techniques that will last for the lifetime of your site. I also teach clients techniques that they can use to self promote their sites effectively.
The results start immediately (within a couple of weeks) and continue to grow over the following months.
In many cases the site stays at the top and does not need any more spent on SEO.

Pay Per Click vs SEO - which is best value

Pay Per Click is where you run a Google Adwords campaign. There are some important factors to consider.

  • How much time do you use tracing the adwords campaign
  • How much does it cost per click
  • Click Fraud - are your competitors clicking on your links
  • There is no long term organic search value in Pay Per Click advertising (it does not get you to the top when you stop paying)
  • Some companies have strategies to simply out spend the opposition
  • What is the real cost of a successful sale (web average conversion rates are less than 1%)

A simple comparison Par Per click or SEO

A $1000 SEO plan would have to only gain more than 200 visitors to get a better ROI (return on Investment) than 200 Adword clicks at $5 per click.

Adwords campaigns cost money to implement - (either yours or a marketers). SEO if done properly adds lasting value to your site. 200 clicks is nothing and on industry averages result in less than 2 conversions - that may be ok if you are selling a house or a car but not any low cost competitive item.

Is there any SEO value in Twitter and other Social Networking Sites?

In short Yes. However not in a traditional linking situation because of a "Nofollow" attribute (does not pass in link value to Google) that Twitter has in place.
This is good because it means that anyone using Twitter to promote themselves will do so on the value of their content. If someone follows that content and goes to a specific website there is a considerable amount of value (SEO wise) in that.
I advise my clients to use Twitter and other social media as networking tool which is pretty much what they are designed for.
Just be wary of spending hours on something that does not give you at least that value back.

Search Engine Optimisation - how much does it cost?

Some companies charge a monthly fee, others purchase links at a price, some use link farms. Many claim to be internet marketing specialists with little or no programming knowledge (this can lead to you paying more and using similar techniques to everyone else).

I charge a flat $ 2200 fee with final payment only if a certain result is achieved. Competitive sites may need to go more than one round of SEO. Many only need one to get to the top. I provide a comprehensive report that sets benchmarks, shows where your site sits under a number of measures, analyses your competition, analyses your keywords, suggests a long and short term goal and advises on how to self promote your site in the future.
I now provide software created by a one of my fellow university lecturers that allows you to check your sites progress without manually hunting through search results.
I will do a quick analysis of your SEO prospects at no charge and advise whether I recommend purchasing SEO or not. If we cannot get the site to useful position in Google we will advise this and not proceed. Some sites have spent $ 1000's monthly to get to a certain position and are not within reach unless a sustained approach is taken.
If you know your site is appealing and works from a sales point of view more targeted traffic will equal more sales.

Why are we the best value SEO

Our advantage is we in-house develop products that empower you to improve your site. Some of our most successful customers have never actually paid for Search Engine Optimisation.
We achieve long term results and avoid temporary tricks that eventually get found out by Google.

So lets go - pick up the phone and call Phil on 07 55320651 and lets see what we can do for your site. Ask Us a question

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Some of our clients get to the top of Google without ever paying for Search Engine Optimisation

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