MySQL Regexp Administative Helpers

MySQL Regexp Administative Helpers
  • Dec 22, 2023

MySQL Regexp Administative Helpers

The MySQL database provides a powerful way to perform complex text-based searches through the regular expressions function REGEXP.

Many websites are operating a MySQL database. Often we create web forms to capture contact information.

Hence some very powerful features are available to help organise that data when we combine Regexp with MySQL.

MySQL Regexp Examples

Task: Find all Customers with Phone Numbers that contain a + or - character in the Home_Ph field.

WHERE Home_Ph REGEXP '[+-]'

If we only wanted to find the numbers with a + symbol-:

WHERE Home_Ph REGEXP '[+]'

Task: If we wanted to find the emails that contain hotmail-:

WHERE Email REGEXP 'hotmail'

Source: How to Use MySQL Regular Expressions

Using the Powerful Features of your Database

We wanted to build a system that better utilised the powerful features of our back-end systems. Why not make the website that collects the data also a powerful CRM tool?

We have the ability to monitor customer behaviour. Nothing sinister or breaches of privacy, just being able to detect which opt in customers are more interested in certain products or services.

Email Marketing from the same system, opens up even more power. Any system that requires duplication of data can be wasteful and inefficient.




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