Admin System Mark 3

Admin System Mark 3
  • Mar 27, 2014

Admin System Mark 3

We wanted to make a system that allowed clients to manage customers on the fly from anywhere.

For example a tradesmen may be up a ladder or under a sink when a customer contacts them.
People seem to like sites that allow them to easily contact the business in various ways e.g.

  • Easy to find the phone number
  • Email is a readable email
  • User friendly forms so a quick enquiry can be made

The Importance of Standards

The new HTML5 and CSS3 standards are making the future of the web exciting indeed.
These new standards have built in features that previously could only be achieved by complex scripts.
Often these scripts contain many more lines of code than do the actually web page itself. Hence loading times are going to be greatly decreased on any site that follows standards and uses the latest technologies.
We do not know what devices will be invented in the future but we do know the standards that are created for that future.

Our System evolving since 2000

This is the 3rd major overhaul of our system. It was orignially built to avoid constantly manually coding of peices of code for individual projects.
However the value of this system is it is very refined, allows us to create custom additions quickly and is always tested to maintain current web standards.

Mobile philosophy

Many systems out there create a different version for mobile phones. Some do not upgrade those systems automatically meaning updates or manual changes are required for mobile pages to display current information.
Our philosphy is write once run on anything - our pages and system can operate well on a mobile phone - so ensentially your website is in your pocket anywhere you go.
Our custom packages mean your system is built for your business.

We manage our own servers, systems designed to make creating new applications faster, more reliable and easier to use.

Check our latest system Image Manager 4.




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