Marriage Counselling

Marriage Counselling
  • May 11, 2018

Marriage Counselling

How does the DREAM turn into a SCREAM?

Sometimes marriage counselling is about helping a couple work out whether they should stay together or separate.

Marriage Counselling Too Little Too Late

Couples or individuals will often go to a marriage and relationship counsellor as a last resort, when they are at the very brink of divorce.

Is it Too Late for Marriage Counselling?

Couple Arguing

Marriage counselling can help with exploring all the options so that you have more clarity about what is the best outcome for you, your family and the relationship.

It can be about closure, letting go and separating amicably or it may be about making sure all stones have been unturned before making such a major life changing decision.

Arguing in a healthier way

A few questions to ask -:

Am I putting my partner down to win the argument?
Am I listening to my partner or saying my bit and ducking for cover?
Are you tolerating discrespectful behaviour?
If it is heading out of control call a truce.
Dealing with Passive Aggression

When to Lawyer Up Appropriately to save your relationship

Family Mediation

When it is too late for Marriage Counselling?

Did you know you can use Family Mediation to solve an already irreconcilable situation.

Family Mediation can save you time money and the emotional burden of going to court.
Also known as family dispute resolution, this process saves money by having professional mediators who can actually resolve your situation in a day. These skilled mediators can reduce the animosity and not add more financial woes to an already difficult situation.

Injured In Motor Vehicle Accident

Addressing the cause

Issues in a relationship often have an underlying cause. For example a self employed male injured in a motor vehicle accident, unable to continue his profession, or with a prolonged period away from his profession puts a strain on any relationship and sense of wellbeing.

Seeking the right advice from a  Motor Vehicle Accident Lawyer can at least put you at ease.




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