Servicing your air-conditioner

Servicing your air-conditioner
  • Jul 26, 2016

Servicing your air-conditioner

How about getting your air-conditioner fully serviced for about the same price a carpet cleaning company would charge to clean the filters.

In our coastal environment one very important area is protecting your air-conditioner coils from corrosion.
The efficiency of your air conditioner can be maintained with regular servicing.

Why just get your filters cleaned when you can have a complete air conditioning service for less

Electrician at workQualified Electrician Brisbane Southside and Air Conditioning expert Jeff Thatcher

Read about Jeff's air conditioning maintenance and servicing

Indoor Unit

  • General check over.
  • Evaporator coil cleaned & flushed.
  • Filters cleaned/deodorized & sanitized.
  • Evaporator fan & housing checked & cleaned.
  • Evaporator drain pan flushed.
  • Evaporator drain line flushed.
  • Batteries in remote checked


Outdoor Unit

  • Condenser coil cleaned & flushed.
  • Condenser coil sprayed with anti-corrosive spray.
  • Condenser unit polished.
  • Check insulation.
  • Rebind where required.
  • Gas checked if required.




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