Web Video Production

Web Video Production
  • Oct 15, 2013

Web Video Production

A web video can continually work for you long after you have produced it.
Here are a few answers to key questions about web video production that should help convince you it is worth doing well or at least learning more about.
You may find you start paying attention to TV ads and film techniques in a different light once you work on web videos.
A successful web video is an art - we are often surprised how some simple messages become very effective marketing tools.
Mixing Board for audio production

Can I use any music in my production?

Copyright laws apply to just about any digital item. You do not need a copyright symbol on an item for copyright to apply to it.
You need to get permission from the owner of any material used.
This is very important because if you produce a web video and put it online, you may have to remove it and lose the audience and momentum it has created.

Audio is an important aspect of any video production.

We are so used to high quality audio even more so with the advent of home theatres.
You can never get a lousy audio recording and make it perfect - so the best technique is to get the best quality to begin with.
Sometimes you can edit post production, recording separate audio - however sometimes the ambient sounds are there for a reason e.g. birds or road noise.
Good audio can include the use of a mixer and quality microphones to get a quality sound.
Sound is one area not to compromise.

Should my video have a call to action?

A call to action is something to prompt the viewer to act - so yes a call to action is very important as they are proven to improve response.
Getting a response not just a view is very important.

Should family and friends be in my production?

Absolutely as long as they are going to remain family and friends.
Some people are naturally authentic, photogenic and elicit trust.

Length of TimeHow long should the video go for?

The length of the video depends on the audience, their attention span and how to convey a message to them.
You can test this out on an audience before launching.
When lecturing at Griffith University in IT is was a privilege to be able to test students reactions to both websites and videos.
Ideally you would test your video in front of the right demographic.




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