Why is my content management system so slow?

Why is my content management system so slow?
  • Dec 9, 2010

Why is my content management system so slow?

Imagine running up a hill with a backpack carrying a bunch of rocks you didn't need. Some websites act in a similar way as the rocks in backpack analogy. Content management systems like Joomla, Drupal, Wordpress and Magento allow designers to put together sites easily.

In doing this they usually have plugins that contain libraries of code.
They also have to make numerous calls to a database as page content is usually stored in a database.

Some of these pages "have enough code to land the Space Shuttle!"

Slow Loading Website
Ok an exaggeration - so do I have anything better? - Yes

Compare the speed of these two sites to your site
- and if there is a major difference it could be due to the following factors -:

  • Each page only contains code it needs to run
  • Not every page needs to connect to a database
  • The code is optimised and validated and cut to a minimum
  • Any connections to a database sit on the same server as the website
  • It is hosted on an optimised dedicated server for my clients only

If these sites are up to ten times faster than your existing site and you are aware Google rewards sites that are reliable well coded and fast you may also notice these sites do very well in Google on the following terms -:
Hearing aid prices
Marriage Counselling Gold Coast

Check some SEO info on site speed where it discusses the use of plugins often not used correctly.

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