Better Childhood Photography

Better Childhood Photography
  • Jan 29, 2016

Better Childhood Photography

7 Tips that will help with better childhood photoraphy from LittleOZ studio specialising in Childhood Photography Melbourne

1. Be Patient

That personality may need to be coaxed out
Be Patient with your photography

2. Anticipate action and be ready

If they are doing cartwheels at the beach shoot that and be ready for the right shot

Cartwheel at the Beach

3. Get down to their level

Imagery by Luke Sorensen

Shot from a Luke Sorensen video

4. Lighting issues

Lighting Issues

5. Choose your focus mode carefully

Focus issues with phtography

Modern cameras can do amazing things - practise the focus modes that work for moving objects.
Note here the focus on the net may be the look you are after

6. Keep it fun

Throw your dignity out the door and get down and dirty with the kids

7. Allow the kids to set the agenda for natural shots

Kids seem to be good at finding the most fun things to do.




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