Protection against power surges

Protection against power surges
  • Jul 23, 2015

Protection against power surges

What would be the cost in lost productivity of a power surge induced computer crash?

Protecting Computer Equipment from Power Surges


Is your Sensitive computer equipment at risk from power surges?

Excuses like 'a dog ate my iPad' will not cut it in a society where devices are everywhere and many people work from home at least partially.
The Dog Ate My iPad


Surge Diverter

Gold Coast Electrician Jeff Thatcher says "anyone who wants to protect sensitive electronic equipment should have a surge diverter installed."

A surge diverter diverts excess voltage to earth..




A surge diverter diverts excess voltage to earth. The excess voltage is caused by spikes in the electrical supply.

By diverting voltages over 260 volts your valuable equipment can be spared the spikes.

Many electrical goods suppliers try to up-sell a device to protect the equipment you have purchased.
According to Choice these products will not protect equipment in many situations.

A surge diverter may not actually protect your equipment from a direct lightning strike on your home.
For example you may still have cable connected directly to your computer equipment.

This video by Choice shows problems with poor surge protection
Also check this article by Choice on protect your new electrical gadgets from power surges.

Surge Diverter Installed Brisbane Gold Coast

Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)

Eaton Powerware UPS

The benefits of a UPS are -:

  • can be connected directly to precious equipment
  • can allow you time to shut down equipment
  • can have software with set tasks to shutdown your computer safely
  • also prevents power surges
  • warns and visually indicates a problem
  • can accommodate modems

Batteries for your UPS

The UPS system pictured above comes with a replaceable battery. This must be changed regularly, so it is best to find a reliable battery supplier who will replace and install the battery for you.




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