Soft drinks can damage your teeth?

Soft drinks can damage your teeth?
  • Sep 26, 2013

Soft drinks can damage your teeth?

Sugar often contained in a soft drink acts like an acid dissolving the enamel on teeth.
Each time you eat a snack containing sugar or drink a soft drink, the resulting acid attack can last up to 20 minutes.

The naturally-occurring bacteria in the mouth use sugar as energy to multiply and stick themselves to the surface of a tooth.

Over time, this turns into plaque and continues to eat away at your tooth's enamel.
Small holes (cavities) will eventually be made in the enamel.
Left un-treated cavities will continue to grow.
These un-treated cavities will eventually result in fillings by a dentist

How much sugar in one can of soft drink?

How much sugar in soft drink

In one 375ml can of soft drink there is approximately 8 teaspoons of sugar.
That is difficult to notice at times as certain drinks will have massive amounts of sugar yet also include more bitter flavours as well.

Sugar addiction not just a problem for you teeth

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