Web Developer Gold Coast

Creating a site that enhances your business and works for you is our aim. Understanding the phsychology behind how a user interacts with your site allows us to improve your bottom line. We don't stop at just getting customers to your site - we want them to call or contact you.
We do all aspects of the web development in-house, you can always pick up the phone and talk directly to the programmer.

Our aim is to create a platform of evolving technologies that allow you to work more efficiently, not just a website. Our blog system is unique - it's created to be easy and fun to work with and give feedback as your articles prosper - "you can't manage what you can't measure."

Our introductory special $1100

Depending on your business and your goals our ultimate starter package is an effective way of achieving them. Effective websites are those that work for your business - not necessarily ones that have a preset number of features but the one that can adapt to business conditions find niches and start earning for you as soon as possible. It will always contain something unique that offers you value way beyond the price.

Our web site has been instrumental in gaining Sponsorship and Government Grants for our Marine Centre

Email personal help

"Your time is important to you" one email incident can cost your business far too much. We use specific servers and hosts who can configure your site and email so it works on your devices. Personal help with any email issues at no additional cost to our clients is what we provide.

Our in-house Systems

Our admin systems are built for speed with only the functionality you use loaded -:




Image ManagerImage Manager/Blog Image and Blog system custom made for your site. Proven to perform wonders in Google.
Optional Add-ons include -:
Flash VideoVideo
Slide Show
DownloadsResource Manager A system that allows you to co-ordinate documents on your public downloads page. $275
Shopping CartShopping Cart The antidote to slow cumbersome shopping carts. Custom made to enhance SEO and improve sales performance. Connected to payment gateway. $1100
Email Manager A custom email system to manage and monitor emails gathered online and send unique custom messages.
Not all businesses are the same - so why manage your customers like everyone else.
Features include being able to check who opened your message.
Think of it as Mail Chimp without monthly charges, emails are sent from your domain (less spammy than using an external server) and able to be fully customised to your business.
Fully integrated into other aspects of our system with only the need to store customers info in one central location. Tested on databases with over 10,000 customers.
Dynamic PDF creationDynamic PDF creation Create dynamic pdf documents for your customers as they browse your site. Use the document to create a printable tangible reminder of your company and its products. $1100
BookingCalendar Bookings Book appointments online. Share calendars amongst your team. This system solves the problem of needing to know when various people are available and to automate bookings to suit your business. $1100

Creating something above the ordinary

So given anyone with computer skills can create an 'ok' webpage what would be the point of using a developer with over 20 years experience?
Our answer is you could create something extraordinary like the following ideas -:

  • enter data once and share across multiple sites
  • send emails at any point in a transaction
  • seemlessly take payments without the customer leaving your site
  • automate purchases with suppliers
  • custom processes and processing how you do business
  • speed and security with ongoing upgrades free
  • keep your site at the top of Google just by using it for normal functionality
  • create a truly custom blog article system

Charts that work on any device

Check an example of a flowchart that can be created to-:

  • describe a process
  • engage the user
  • direct them to the best resources based on their decisions

Animated Bar Chart
A Barchart example that animates to show a comparison between figures.

Services Offered

Inhouse developed
Content Management SystemContent Management
Image ManagerImage Manager CMS
News ArticlesNews Articles
Shopping CartShopping Cart
Order ManagementOrder Management
PayPalPay Pal Integration
Dynamic PDF creationDynamic PDF creation
Online ReportsOnline Reports
Memeber AdministrationMember Administration
Accommodation System
Search Engine OptimisationSearch Marketing
Virtual TourVirtual Tour
Flash VideoVideo
Slide Show
Email Marketing
SearchSite Search
Advertising ManagerAd Manager
Google Maps IntegrationGoogle Maps
Flash and Java IntegrationFlash and Java
Flash GamesFlash Games
YouTube VideoYouTube Video

Provided by Partners
External Graphic DesignGraphic Design
DIY Flash Website DesignDIY Website kit