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Creative SEO

If the only way to improve your business was increasing your marketing spend it would be a dull world.
We want to use creativity to improve your bottom line for less than competitors need to spend.

SEO is a creative/intuitive task - it is really only the last few decades of the Internet that an individual can gain access to a wider audience so easily without a large budget or traditional advertising. Proven ongoing success starts as low as $277 per month.

We work out how to get people to visit your site, then work on triggering the emotions of the visitor into an action.

Cumulative knowledge allows us to improve skill levels. Improvements in software allows a small team a level of effectiveness to compete against "giants".

6 Key Factors for Generating Passive Income wtih SEO Video

SEO Prices Gold Coast

The challenge for a small Gold Coast SEO company is to deliver results without a bloated price tag.

For us we want to be able to offer value from the $277 per month mark. And we do.

SEO is like superanuation for your business. Every monthly investment builds on your long-term value. And like superanuation, the more you contribute the more your equity builds.

By choosing only 1 reputable client in a category we can substantially reduce overheads. You are not paying for our marketing (we don't cold call, spam email, pay for ads or rent premises).

As a web developer we create the systems we like working with. They are easy to update and allow our work to flow better. Most of our clients are using our systems.

Hence we can work more efficiently in the long-term. If there is an update, we document that and spread across all sites. It is more efficient to work on systems we know and developed.

Our systems allow new designs (redesigns) to be overlaid on top of the previous design rather than wiping out your previous site and losing existing SEO rankings.

Your site iterates quicker. Need a change in design or an upgrade? It is not an issue it is encouraged.

Researching the best SEO, web development and social media software allows us to work in-house with a small team. You work directly with Phil the founder/developer/SEO.

If we develop the site, SEO the site and build systems to make that process as streamline as possible we save time and add value.

Our current SEO Price Points-:

  • $277 per month inc GST Sole Trader or Tradie SEO
  • $416 per month inc GST
  • $693 per month inc GST competitive Trade
  • $2079 per month inc GST Australia Wide Success Multiple Sites

We offer Email Marketing to our SEO clients (at no additional cost). The combinaton of SEO and Email Marketing attracts new clients and keeps them.

SEO without bloated price tag SEO + Email Marketing in one plan
Small Businesses Can Compete With Big Brands On SEO

Brad Shorr -

1: Take Inventory of Your SEO Assets

2: Whip Your Website Into Shape

3: Identify a Long Tail Keyword Strategy

4: Build Your SEO Campaign Around Content Marketing

Source: Small Businesses Can Compete With Big Brands On SEO

Seo Traffic Controller
Advanced Analysis using Google Analytics and Search Console

What we can measure we can improve. Combining Google Analytics with Search Console to quickly analyse performance. Discovery is an asset in SEO. Here is how we do it-:

1: Setup a custom report in Google Analytics that shows Organic Search Traffic, Pages and Sessions (viewing time), numbers of Users and Bounce Rate. The report is called Organic Searches Pages-Session Users Bounce Rate.

2: Use Google Console in another browser window and screen to view the Google searches for the same period.

3: Look at search terms and associate them with pages. Discover terms that can be enhanced. Check the Bounce Rate. The Bounce Rate can be 100% on certain pages that fully answer a query or question eg contact info. However a high Bounce Rate on your home page is not a good sign. As an SEO we work on creating diversity and strength for a site. Create silos around content and look for new opportunities.

What we know from the quick Google Analytics and Console analysis-:
  • Which pages are receiving search clicks
  • What keywords (discovery) are generating the search clicks
  • The Bounce Rate of pages
  • Key pages (sticky) on a site
  • The difference in time spent on a page in a direct visit or a search visit (user behaviour)
  • Which pages need re-inforcement or rewriting (improvement)
Advanced Google Analytics-:
  • Track Outbound Clicks (eg clicks to your Google Reviews)
  • Create specialty (at a glance) reporting on Outbound Clicks
  • Setup on Conversions
  • View Conversion reports
  • Study the paths users take within your site, with custom metrics

The event model in Google Analytics allows you to declare an event using logic. This can be as simple as a user getting to your main sales page or a particular key product page. You can then list that event (you named) as a conversion event, which then comes up in the event list and conversion list and offers useful diagnostic information.

Advanced Google Analytics Search Console for SEO

the following key SEO questions
Are you ready for SEO?

  • Is the SEO an experienced Web Developer?
  • How long does quality SEO take for your Gold Coast business?
  • What happens when I want to stop SEO?
  • Who is doing the SEO? A Gold Coast local - with local knowledge?
  • Can I visit the SEO on the Gold Coast or are they actually based interstate?
  • Can I speak directly to the person doing the SEO?
  • How do I measure if my pages are performing and converting?
  • If SEO is performing, how many extra contacts/sales should I expect?
  • Is my site optimised for speed or is it loading unnecessary files?
  • Which keywords should my site target for effective SEO?
  • How does social media, Youtube and email marketing work with SEO?
  • How will I outperform my competition?

What people say?

We pride ourselves on effective SEO Gold Coast and beyond.

  • We are a Gold Coast SEO company with big outcomes for clients
  • We have been doing this a long time (having started before Google existed)
  • A small team - we do the SEO ourselves (no cheap outsourcing or risky link schemes)
  • Focus on innovation rather than cheap (or expensive) tricks
  • Anticipate and evolve with Web Development and SEO changes
  • The best predictor of future success with SEO is past success
  • Our proven, repeatable, and measurable methodology will work across industries
Weiss Electrical SEO Customer
Gold Coast Logic Integration are fantastic to work with, professional, efficient and they know how to get results. We are getting awesome results since using Gold Coast Logic Integration. Thank for all you do. Highly recommended.
Theresa Weiss

Theresa Weiss

SEO Customer
  • Jiselle Innercalm
    Innercalminc counselling services
    Aug 6, 2020 via Google  

    I couldn't be happier with the service provided by Gold Coat Logic Integration. Phil is a very knowledgeable and experienced in his field. He has done amazing things for my business. I'm now happy to say I'm almost too busy.

    SEO Website
  • Ainslie Cunningham
    Ainslie Cunningham
    May 28, 2020 via Google  

    Phil is amazing and has a wealth of knowledge and experience in SEO, code and website building!

    SEO Website
  • Blair Friend Creations in Colour
    Blair Friend
    Feb 24, 2020 via Google  

    Really helpful! Lots of good advice. I would highly recommend.

    SEO Website
  • Guy Morris Printer Gold Coast
    Guy Morris
    Apr 1, 2019 via Google  

    Phil is great to work with, and has really helped us move forward, I would recommend him without hesitation.


SEO Process

Our SEO Process

  • Analyse Site

    Analyse Site

    Decision Tree Analysis

    Analysing a site can include performing speed tests, W3C validation tests, analysis of the platform and server quality, checking existing content for quality and uniqueness and generally using 20+ years of web development to consider if there are some obvious niches and value add opportunities. A key question is whether we are going to be a good fit and be able to work productively.

    With some clients we create a comprehensive 10+ page report on our findings. This report itself is part of the process because it removes any assumptions.

  • Keywords



    Decide on keywords with best chance of success. Keyword analysis is a continual process of looking for potential keywords and monitoring them. Also aiming at high value keywords that are achievable in the short term.
    We use efficient apps to monitor keyword success and look at trends. We may find a page needs minor adjustments to improve its ranking. We want to know which pages are performing and why. Google Webmaster tools will help us discover new possibilities. Impressions may give us a hint of pages that need attention. The keywords of Organic successful searches with clicks and Impressions give clues to future success.

    Keyword analysis tools are used to efficiently monitor potential keywords. Good keyword analysis will dictate the search terms you should target immediately and terms that you are looking for in the future.

  • Setup Peripherals

    Setup Peripherals

    Social Media Setup

    Depending on the client and the industry there may be a number of Social Media, YouTube and Google My Business accounts required. Whilst these are not our core SEO tools, they are useful. Google Analytics and Google Search Console offer advanced analysis. We subscribe to software that allows us to efficiently monitor multiple social media accounts.

    All logins are in the clients name with access given to us.

  • Create Compelling Content

    Create Compelling Content

    Create Compelling Web Content

    At our core (since 1996) we have focussed on creating content. Programming and web development skills have advantages for SEO. Our PhD qualified researcher can write about anything - Steve is up for the challenge you can throw at him.
    Some content is added to the clients site and other content is added to our extensive network of sites. We started this strategy over 20 years ago which is why we can achieve amazing Gold Coast SEO results.

    Google recognises quality content be it blogs, images, audio or YouTube videos. As an SEO these are your tools of trade.

  • Selling


    Selling Benefits

    Why selling? SEO content needs to convey an appropriate message to a variety of people. People have different learning styles. People relate to responsive (adapt to various screen sizes) content that explains the benefits of your service. We use our leading sales coach to give us insight when it comes to communicating. Many of our clients regard their website as their primary marketing tool.
    Some form formats can be very effective at attracting browsers who do not want to be sold to over the phone.

    When we get a click via a Google search the content needs to work on people's emotions. Your website visitors are valuable and we don't want to waste any opportunity.

  • Revise Rebuild Report

    Revise Rebuild Report

    Revise Rebuild Report

    How is the site doing against the competition? Does it need a rebuild? Nothing beats a site built by an SEO. If you are looking for success on "Gold Coast" keywords - nothing compares to years of local experience and resources. With a Gold Coast based SEO there are advantages in a local (rather than a branch of an interstate or outsourcing mob). Our whole platform from server to site is designed for SEO performance. No shared hosts and bloated slow loading pages here. Reports available on request not as an added expense. Our research goes into understanding your business and providing content that benefits your ranking. We have many long term successes, some with over 100 monthly invoices.

    SEO requires constant monitoring and updates. We develop systems and platforms to make this process as efficient as we can. We do not outsource our SEO skills. A constant process of monitoring Keywords, Creating Compelling Content, Selling and 'Revise Rebuild Report' process. A small effective SEO team based on the Gold Coast can achieve results at a lower price. We are business operators too - why pay too much for SEO?

Website Migration SEO Guide

Website Migration SEO Guide

If you are thinking of upgrading your website and want to be sure of the SEO implications in doing so - this Website Migration SEO Guide is for you.

URLs Images and 301 Redirects

Images can be great drivers of SEO traffic to your site. They are URLs like a webpage. Images are often forgotten in a site "upgrade", yet they can be often sources of traffic to your site via Google Image Search or perhaps just embedded in other sites and blogs.

We know Google is looking for aspects that make a site unique or worthy. Images can often be the differentiating factor because Google can and does measure how popular images are via Google Image Search.

A 301 redirect tells Google that the page/URL/Document/Image now resides at this new location. We know Google responds well to good website structure, and even within a good structure adding some extra reinforcement has benefits as well.

If Google has to find and re-index those images again you may find your unique image is now listed higher by a copycat domain. The process of undoing that can be frustrating.

Tip: you can tell that the old site is done and dusted when Google no longer crawls the site. We use server logs like AWStats to do this.

Site Moves Take Time

It takes time for Google to recognise the new site if the domain has changed or the structure has changed dramatically.

The structure could change dramatically if the site is moved to a WordPress platform from another platform.

Use a multi-skilled SEO

Life is too short to hand your business site to an unskilled or semi-skilled web developer - for the obvious reasons.

If someone suggests you move your site to a different platform, ensure it is for the right reasons. I am not a fan of WordPress due to its speed, security and other issues. But some people think differently.

When your business grows, can your web developer grow with you?

Site Speed Analysis

We need to balance features against speed. For example you could have that video playing in the background of a carousel slider, it may however cost you a second of download time. Images need to be properly optimised - which requires an understanding of maximum screen size - we usually only use full 1920px images that are highly optimised.

Some sites load every script used on every page on every page by default. Many "themes" look amazing but perform poorly. We take out every script not needed on a page by page basis and also heavily optimise landing pages. There are implications for Google crawling your pages if they are overloaded with unnecessary (unused) files. Files cache in web browsers, so your web site may fly after all the files have been cached, but perform slowly for a first visit (the one that counts).

What does Google say about Loading Thirdparty JavaScript?
  • They can be a performance concern
  • They can be a privacy concern
  • They might be a security concern
  • They can be unpredictable and change without you knowing
  • They can have unintended consequences

Ensure your site validates without errors

Most sites do not validate according to W3C standards without multiple errors. It only takes a few seconds to test a site for W3C validation. You simply right-click the site and choose View Page Source or Ctrl-U and paste that code into the validator.

"Validation is effective quality assurance. It will help you spot errors (especially nesting errors and those those caused by mistyping something). It will save more time then it costs (especially if implemented at the outset)"


Website Structure

Site Structure

We prefer to build a site structure based on keywords that can be upgraded with a new look without requiring the core site architecture to change (unless there is a good reason to do so). This is a keyword structure, menu structure and a physical file structure with dramatic effects on SEO.

Some sites have had 4 complete redesigns but still maintain the cores structure created over a decade ago. The benefits of this is you may have an old legacy page, it is indexed in search engines however you do not need the page to be as prominent as it was previously. With a good site structure you can leave that page live under an older design, it is still there and is not lost, just not as prominent anymore.

Using a CSS framework like Bootstrap 5 allows advanced formatting of pages and blogs with a systematic core base. The grid system adapts well to different sized screens. The content styles (list groups/ panels/ media lists) in the Bootstrap API will allow you to create a very intuitive HTML with minimal mark-up, making it great for SEO. Code is often reusable across many sites, so you can develop libraries of great looking styles. A site theme will sit on top of Bootstrap and add additional features to the core styles.

Some business owners learn snippets of CSS and also become familiar with the site theme (which is written on top of the core CSS) so that they can write more effective blogs. Google recognises good formatting and clearly favours good formatting over for example text spread across the entire page. Even simple elements like can enhance the readability of your site.

Moving on

An ethical web developer never prevents a client from moving to another developer or SEO. They may state the benefits of what they personally offer, however it is completely unethical to not assist a client who has chosen to move to another developer or platform, because it is often the personal synchronicity that adds the most benefit, or simply the location of the developer is a benefit.

My systems are protected for security reasons, I don't allow direct access to the server, the benefits are faster more efficient servers and less time spent on addressing security breaches.

Many sites can be rebuilt on competing platforms anyway, even sites we have created with unique back-end setups can be re-created on another platform for far less than the cost of building a site from scratch.

  • Do 301 redirects for pages/URLs/Documents/Images
  • Site moves take time
  • Use a multi-skilled SEO
  • Site speed analysis
  • Ensure your site validates without errors
  • Site structure

Is there a business case for expensive SEO?

Is there a business case for expensive SEO?
When searching Google on the 'business case for SEO' we looked at the profitability of a theoretical product sold with an average net profit of $50.
Given predicted search clicks (based on estimates in similar scenarios) and the numbers required per sale, what can you pay for SEO?
An understanding of Break-even Analysis identifies a businesses point that they make profit.
To get a ROI from SEO similar Break-even Analysis strategies can be applied, making the case for expensive SEO a dangerous proposition for a small business when the numbers are analysed.

Product Sold: The Coolest Thing Ever!
Quantity of new customers acquired via SEO, that converted into a sale, during the month 20
Average net profit on each Coolest Thing Ever! Sold $50
Total net profits from the newly acquired organic search customers (# New customers X net profit) $1,000
Monthly Marketing Expense (Budget) $2,500
Profits from new customers ($1,000) divided by SEO marketing budget ($2,500) ROI = -60%

Break-even Point

"We prefer the opportunity to build the site from scratch to reduce the costs of SEO in the future."

The site we 'lifted' this example from used a monthly fee of $2500 for SEO and attempted to justify it.

So at a $2500 charge per month the ROI was -60%
The article went on to justify the loss by estimating that the lifelong purchases from 1 customer would be 5 and hence the ROI thus changed to 200% ROI.
Most people we deal with do not have a lifetime to get a return.

Isn't that the perfect case to argue for a monthly charge of $500? This would return 200% ROI

The Case for Good Low Cost SEO

The company spruiking the $2500 per month SEO spend did not even bother to ensure the page advertising this even validated. A site must validate to have correct structure and no errors.

Simple break-even analysis would determine the revenue required to break-even (meet costs) with a $2500 monthly fee on top of your usual monthly business expenses.

Do SEO companies escape the normal business rules of needing to make a profit to stay in business?

There is usually a ramp up time for an SEO campaign, whilst it is possible to do well almost immediately, 2-3 months would be a good rule of thumb to be able to judge improvement.

SEO Results can Differ

1 Some sites need very little SEO to improve and do well. Some of the best candidates for this type of improvement are sites with the basics in place already with the opportunity to improve.

2 Some sites stick to the top and only need to be maintained at the top.

3 There is no one way to get SEO success, factors like competition, quality, existing links, images, unique content or just being popular can affect results.

SEO Companies which do not meet client expectations (charge too much) have a lot of churn where they are always setting up new clients as old ones drop off. It is a lot of work to setup a site for SEO as there are a whole bunch of logins required, and possibly a lot of low-hanging fruit to sort out like simple errors or missing links or duplication or outright copied 'low rent articles'.

$30,000 ($2,500 per month) for a year of SEO is a lot, it is too much for small business, and you will not be able to judge the benefits for a few months. $6000 ($500 per month) on the other hand is a far better opportunity because you can simply make a profit sooner if it is successful. As an SEO I only want clients who will be successful! We prefer the opportunity to build the site from scratch to reduce the costs of SEO in the future. A well designed shopping cart may not even need ongoing SEO.

The Rising Cost of SEO

Gold Coast SEO Case Study

Advanced SEO for Advanced Operators

With fresh quality content, ranking so well in Google lately, we developed a new admin backend system ImageManager v4 (see image of menu) to allow a generation of web savvy entrepreneurs to develop new SEO skills, keeping web maintenance costs and SEO costs low.
We train you in advanced SEO techniques to become more proactive and productive with your website content. Check the 100% self created Blogs, Documents, Subscriber Emails, Images, Audio snippets, YouTube content and Podcasts by

Corporate Governance Podcast
SEO Case Study Backend Menu
YouTube Thanks for Watching

SEO for passive income generation Case Study

How FutureShape developed a successful passive income stream.

Grew Client Base

Rob built a solid client base over the years, by conducting workshops on leadership. The ultimate goal to be a successful publisher in the field.

Ongoing Support

Rob needs an SEO who can handle the technical details, spot opportunities and handle any website issue that arises from a busy eCommerce site. Generate on the spot receipts and invoices to minimise handling costs - allow Rob to concentrate on writing (his passion).

Long-term Results

We developed reporting systems that worked on handling book releases and ebbs and flows in income. eBooks and downloads allow alternative purchasing options. At times we paused SEO depending on Rob's commitments and strategies. Rob could then minimise expenses as he transition into his next phase.

Ongoing Income

Now as a successful author and leadership consultant, Rob is able to work on his passion - developing better management strategies for schools and businesses.

The Leader-Mind Equation

SEO Strategy Multiple Sites - DEMO

I like to use a Multiple site SEO strategy with some clients. It can suit a business with multiple products and using our custom shopping cart. It can put your products onto multiple sites from one source.

- Phil Hoile

SEO Gold Coast

Try It!

Explore a list of Hearing Aids in real-time from any page.

More SEO info

SEO Case Study

An example of SEO from design, server to operation.

SEO Glossary of Terms

Useful set of terms related to best practise SEO.

6 SEO Fundamentals

6 core SEO fundamentals every site owner should know.

SEO vs Adwords

We get the financial calculations out and compare.

Search Engine Optimisation Gold Coast

More info re search engine optimisation - keyword strategies.

Google Places for Business

Setting up and operating Google My Business or Google Places.

Using Google Analytics for SEO

Step by Step advanced Google Analytics techniques for SEO.

SEO Guide

A quick visual SEO guide with some UX UI thrown in.

RegEx for SEO

The advantage of knowing basic RegEx techniques is they apply across many languages, devices and software, making it the ultimate productivity tool.

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