Our SEO Plans

We do prefer to work with a site we have created because it is designed to perform in search engines rather than as an after thought. However we have also had success with sites we have not created.

Monthly Plans

Our monthly plans will simply earn you far more than you pay - no locked in contracts quality long term proven and evolving strategies.

$200 per month

  • It may be all you the marketing your bsuiness needs
  • Local SEO with servers based in Brisbane and US
  • SEO created locally by experts
  • No locked in contracts
  • Direct local access to your SEO
  • Innovative approach

Our SEO Analysis *Free report

Are you paying hefty monthly fees for no results?

Beware of unscrupulous inexperienced SEO's based overseas.

This report is used to get a benchmark of where you are now, possible opportunities, competitor analysis, keyword analysis, factors that influence your site (eg is its design working). It is comprehensive and also teaches you how to optimise your site into the future.
For example if you have one successful site in one geographic location how can that be optimised for another or when is a multi site strategy beneficial. (There are many situations where simple mistakes cost a site dearly in the rankings)

Setting benchmarks is important so we can accurately judge your success. I use a variety of software to help with this, but there is certainly not one tool that does everything for you. In fact many of the tools available fall very short of the mark compared to a custom approach to SEO.

What does this SEO Report cover

  • Keyword analysis (best keywords within your reach)
  • Research the domain name to include keywords
  • Decide when .com or .com.au should be used (Geographic Targetting)
  • Structure the site to be search engine friendly
  • Design analysis (using industry standards and objective criteria)
  • Research related terms
  • Link strategy (how to improve SEO with links)
  • Content updating strategy
  • Ensure Google Crawlers are visiting your site
  • Comprehensive benchmarks and competitor analysis (look for areas of opportunity)
  • Success predictions
  • Descriptions of what Google may regard as spam
  • Analyse your competition and determine areas of opportunity
  • Setup relevant statistics and monitor effecitiveness
  • Consider benefits of a multiple site strategy
  • How to create effective web copy (not technical jargon)
  • Techniques in helping you improve your rankings in the future

This is pretty much a marketing plan for a website which is no coincidence because a business plan and a marketing plan can really help making your site/business a success.

Guaranteed results

Once an initial analysis is done we set a target. You only pay the final payment if that target is reached.
On very competitive terms we sometimes we set a series of targets. You would pay a deposit ($550) and a target is set before any other payment is required. This includes the SEO Report. Sometimes we use a monthly fee based on results.

Why do I teach my clients SEO techniques?

We need to work together to get results especially when targetting competitive terms. You know your business, and this can be very useful in determining the best response.

Promotion of your website

Promotion has four distinct elements - advertising, public relations, word of mouth and point of sale. SEO fits in here somewhere as a website can really generate or promote your business. You know your business better than anyone - and I expect we could very quickly assess the opportunities that you may or may not be aware of on the web. We all enjoy a challenge, there is nothing like out competing a cashed up rival (which we do regularly) - they may have a massive advertising and Yellow Pages presence and so very often a $3 website - they may even justify this with comments like "the web is of no use to my business". Out do your competitors by using the best SEO services available.

Why are we the best value SEO

Our advantage is we inhouse develop products that empower you to improve your site. Some of our most successful customers have never actually paid for Search Engine Optimisation.
We acheive long term results and avoid temporary tricks that eventually get found out by Google.

So lets go - pick up the phone and call Phil on 07 55320651 and lets see what we can do for your site. It will only cost $550 to start and could lead to ongoing business success. Ask Us an SEO question