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Membership Management

If every non-profit and club were managed exactly the same, there would be a very good case for standardised membership software.
One size would fit all.

How are you going to manage email addresses?

There are 3 important aspects to managing email addresses for a membership organisation-:
  • Setting up emails for administrators and staff
  • Adding members emails
  • Sending effective bulk emails and monitoring the responses

Are payments processed?

Familiarity with a complex payment system necessarily requires an understanding of programming to effectively implement it on the web.

your payment authorisation is no longer supported

The inevitable message

Is there ongoing active support familiar with your organisation?

What happens when something goes wrong? Any system that is robust enough to just provide the functions listed above is going fail or require changes occasionally.

  • Even the best payment software requires upgrades
  • Administrators leave - who helps the new administrator learn the system?
  • Sending effective bulk emails is a speciality of its own (we have 20 years experience in this)
  • Spam and hackers can really reap havoc if you do not have full control of a system

Our system is based on 20+ years of web experience

Some of the most effective hard working non-profit volunteers are not always tech savvy. Your organisation may have a unique structure of members and active members.

Consider an innovative custom membership system with ongoing personal support. The system can be built around the nuances of your organisation.

A typical scenario is the need to add emails and contact information to your system. We can take various forms of your contact list and add it to your CRM for you.

Designing custom web forms and custom anti-spam systems reduces the time wasted on nuisance spam. Designing a front-end website is also an option. Help with domain names, SSL certificates and payment gateways is free.

Email campaigns are the most cost effective method for reaching out to people. We can design emails that get read in a fraction of the time, allowing you to do what you do best.

Case Study

In 2009 a prominent air conditioning company asked us to create a system for managing jobs, supervisors and automate the development of invoices based on set price lists from a number of different suppliers. This system is still operational in 2023. It has had both minor and major upgrades. It works for both the tech savvy and the not so tech savvy.

It is an example of complex system that works because the developer of that system upgrades and manages it-:

  • Individual email aliases are setup directly with the host by us on request
  • Based on the company supervisor structure
  • Automatically creates and sends pdf invoices to specific authorised suppliers (multiple pages of items)
  • Stores documents for later retrieval (supervisor or by job)
  • Allows duplication of existing suppliers products when creating a new supplier (time saving)
  • The ongoing cost of this system is only $29.95 per month including direct access to the developer Phil

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