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Great value web hosting plans

We are not a host provider - we arrange hosting for our clients and ensure they get the value of our research.
Depending upon the location of your site we can organise a local Australian Host or an offshore host. There are many companies that claim they provide hosting when really they are simply renting cheap space overseas.
Try our partners a great Australian web hosting company for excellent value on Australian hosting.

Some companies have very complex agreemenents - if you have ever tried to understand the fine print of a Mortgage document or Mobile Phone contract you will know how difficult it can be for an individual to assess the quality of a product without some sort of advice.

We use the same set up on our Australian based hosts as our offshore hosts hence if your site requires moving it is a seamless process. The advantage of offshore hosts is for heavy usage sites the data is substantially cheaper.

Our offshore host of choice is Kattare.com they provide excellent Java Hosting they are based in the US but give live phone support.

"Excellent Java Hosting plans"

My clients now enjoy the speed of a US dedicated server or an Australian VPS. In some cases I setup a server specifically for their site. The hosting is inexpensive and managed by experts so I can concentrate on the development of the site and the client can focus on thier core busines and avoid inhouse server costs and maintenance. We have had a great working relationship with our australian host with one of the owners managing some of our clients.
A dedicated server setup for Java Hosting allows us to configure memory for specific applications.

Why are our dedicated servers so fast?

As Nick from Kattare.com explained a dedicated server cuts down on network latency when connecting to databases.
Have you ever waited what feels like hours for a site to refresh with information? The problem could be the shared configuration.
Java Hosting is their specialty. After an exhaustive search of hosts worldwide with some costly trial and errors I can recommend these guys. Java based web systems are favoured by larger corps like Telstra who run their own servers, but for small to medium business it is difficult to get a reliable host. The benefit of using Java is that it is so much more scalable and is guaranteed to be available in years to come.
My clients now enjoy the speed of a Dedicated Server from Kattare. Most hosting packages are actually shared hosting which are cheap but you may experience slower speeds and problems caused by sites you are sharing with.
The benefit of getting a dedicated server and a good support team (Kattare mob) is that as a developer you do not have to be an expert in servers. When a MySQL database is run from a dedicated server it can use optimised techniques to dramatically speed up calls to the database.

One of our sites Gold Coast Accommodation Online .com features a multi site accommodation reservation system including invoicing with dynamically created PDF documents.


We handle your site for you and co-ordinate with the host. You will only ever have to deal with one person to organise anything on your site. Whilst we are not providing the hosting we only choose hosts that provide reliable support - hence if there are changes required to your site it is done quickly and efficiently. Our hosts provide a console to allow you to control your own email forwarding etc. The benefit of quality local expertise is that help is available instantly in our timezone and staffed by Australian technicians.


Quality Australian Hosting $ 29.95 per month ( no set up fee ) includes 10 gb traffic, 200 mb space 100 100mb email accounts, quality management console and instant person to person technical support from Australia on a 1800 number. Other solutions can leave you listening to music for more than 10 minutes only to be greeted with no technical expertise.

Quality US Hosting $ 16.50 per month ( no set up fee ) includes 3 gb traffic

All prices (unless indicated) are in Australian Dollars (AUD) and include GST.

Type Price p/m  
Australian Java Hosting $29.95 Resin with Netregistry
Australian Hosting $15.95 with Netregistry
US Java Hosting $27.50 Tomcat with Kattare on our Private Server
US Hosting $ 8.25 with Kattare
US Dedicated Server Hosting US$ 100+ Tomcat with Kattare (depends on server and memory)
Magento $ 29.95 PHP with SimpleHelix


  • Quality JSP including Resin Servlet Engine ( Fast ) or latest Tomcat v 6+
  • MySQL database expertly configured
  • Quality servers with reliable backup including redundancy
  • Statistics available.
  • Email accounts - the ability to have multiple accounts and manage them.

For a non dynamic site ( no database or scripts ) AU$ 99.00 per year US based host

Our new Australian Hosting PartnershipNew Australin Hosting Partnership

We are now working directly with a Hosting provider to provide quality Australian web hosting and domain names. Josh (Rackservers.com.au) is an experienced Java and PHP programmer with hosting industry experience. This is the perfect combination. When it comes to Java Hosting we are the specialists and can set up dedicated servers which efficiently run multiple domains. This allows web developers the option of using enterprise level Java code on their sites.


  • Gold Coast Logic Integration are not the provider of the servers and cannot guarantee that what is listed here is accurate at any point in time. We choose a service provider based on their reputation. There is a massive difference between hosting companies it is not just a matter of price. We research our providers to ensure you are getting the best overall value. Many "Hosts" are simply renting space in a data centre in the US and hence can be slower for local Australian businesses as the International lines can get congested. The technical expertise of the providers is also a factor we consider very important. Finally we continually canvas existing customers to ensure these high standards are being met so instead of getting what we are given, by pooling all of our customers together we have the ability to demand quality. Our host providers are chosen for their overall value to ensure our customers get the best hosting available.

Tomcat Java Hosting PlansNew Hosting Plans

Java Hosting

My personal clients never have to wait for technical support - they have a direct line to me and I manage their details.

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