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Search Engine Optimisation

SEO value of Social Media

Social media can be very powerful. Being part of Save Our Spit has shown me the value of what a popular Facebook page can do. In situations where people are going to network online and get a message out quickly it is increadible.

Social Media Study - Griffith University

I am very interested in the SEO value that can be generated from Social Media e.g. Facebook.

In 2009 my eCommerce students at Griffith University studied all social media and created a report-:

Examine one of the following social networking sites:-

  • Twitter
  • Google - YouTube
  • Yahoo
  • Facebook
  • MySpace
  • MSN

As an eCommerce specialist you are asked to advise a wealth management firm which of these their clients should invest in. Include the following justifications in your report -:

  • Revenue Model(s) Used on all sites
  • SWOT analysis your choice only
  • Future prospects (over 5 years) Medium Term (5 years) prospects your choice

My analysis of the results and predictions now are quite interesting.

I could see little direct SEO value from any site that was not owned by Google - I still don't however, read on to find some strategies that I do use to gain SEO value.

Both Facebook and Twitter allow you to plug in scripts that show feeds from the respective sites.

I have trialed these to establish if any SEO value is gained - actually I was more interested if SEO value was lost by plugging in these. Being a script and not text that Google can crawl easily I wanted to know what effect these pluggins have on the rankings of a website. The site I trialled was one of my clients Physio Gold Coast (www.PhysioFusion.com.au)

Give me a call on 07 55320651 if you want a frank opinion on this as after a considerable amount of research I have come up with a strategy I believe can get SEO value from Facebook and or Twitter.

Custom Facebook Application

One example implementation is www.FlickYourStick.com a site where there are surfboards for sale.

The Custom Facebook Application takes the Facebook wall feeds and displays them as text that can be crawled by Google bots on the site.
It also allows a surfboard to be added to the Facebook page via the website.

As a web developer we do not like the idea of sending anyone away from the site - hence many sites that put links to Facebook, Twitter and the 300 or so other social oriented sites do so at the risk of downgrading thier value in Google.

If you are looking for an innovative approach to Facebook and or Twitter that is more than just a script anyone can use or a link away from your site call Phil on 07 55320651

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