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Why is web development difficult?

Issues such as graphic design, branding, marketing, usability, programming, client requirements, budget and time frame have to come together.

Why clients often do not know what they want

One problem is that you the client may not know exactly what you want at the early stages of a project.
But what we often fail to recognize is the challenge that clients face. They have to consider every possible detail of a product that doesn't exists yet - a task, which is practically impossible for anyone.

Scope Creep

Scope creep is said to be the most common source of cost and schedule overruns. By giving clients something to experience and interact with before we start building the actual product, we can get the detailed feedback that tend to surface when the product is almost complete, and thereby reduce the risk of creeping requirements late in the project.

Prototyping Wireframes and Storyboards

By combining Research Based Website Design with techniques that help arrive at a usable design such as Prototypes, Wireframes and Storyboards you can eliminate the problems of developers handing over a near finished site that misses the mark in the clients view.
If you are not aware of issues with web development before your project you certainly will be by the end of it.

I designed my site myself but its not working

I love it when I potential client comes to me with a site that they or a friend has developed and wants it improved or be able to be found in search engines.
It gives a great starting point and allows the client to be aware of the value of a successful site.
When the phone rings solely due to your website and on the other end is someone ready to make a purchase as long as you make the right noises it is very satisfying.

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