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Research Based Website Design

Would you like to have your website perform well straight away?

With a research based website design we do the following:-

  1. Analyse your competition and the market overall.
  2. Create a strategy for your site.
  3. Use quality designers to put together examples.
  4. Establish reasonable goals for success.
  5. Measure whether our design is going to work (Usability benchmarks) against the target audience before launching.

Usability Benchmarks

It is important to test the design against competition and other designs to ensure it is effective. Eliminating other factors (e.g. brand awareness) allows us to assess the design on its merrits.

The cost of a lost opportunity

If your business website is going to be a valuable asset it needs to perform. There is an opportunity cost when building any business. Time wasted on a poor design can be far more than the purchase price of the website.

Website designers are not necessarily market research experts. (Check Why is web development difficult) Marketers often lack an understanding of the web technologies which limits them in this medium.
We have experience in:-

  1. Practical Market Research techniques.
  2. Statistical Analysis.
  3. Web Design.
  4. Web Programming.
  5. Search Engine Optimisation.

Having worked conducting marketting research and being able to effectively analyse the results from a target audience is a big advantage.
It means we can eliminate much of the hit and miss approach used on some websites.
Some results surprise us - there are many situations on the web where competing sites actually duplicate each other instead of really testing the market to see what would work best.

Case Study:
Jet Ski Hire and Jet Boat Rides Gold Coast

These are actually 2 different websites Jet Ski Hire Gold Coast and Jet Boat Rides Gold Coast.
The previous sites were of a similar design using an open source content management system. The sites had got a bit messy with no clear goal for the user. We had the opportunity to research this with 80 students in a User Interface Design Class with some great outcomes.
The research indicated the following-:

  • The existing sites were not at all effective - quite confusing
  • There are many small pieces of information needed to book
  • The design needs to work well on an iPhone or similar smart phone
  • Video would help bring the visitor into the frame of mind to purchase
  • The design must appeal to the demographics who would enjoy these activities
  • Detailed info must be available includig terms and conditions but should not hinder a booking

The Process
A broad understanding of the businesses was established with the owners over a series of meetings. We asked students to work in groups and come up with suggested designs. We then after discussion with the owners sat them down with an experienced graphical designer to make the sketches come to life.
We had already conducted extensive SEO research and finally we combined everything into a coded the site (Optimised Site) to work best in Google.
The next stage is actually monitoring the outcomes - hence on my Optimised Site package SEO continues long after the initial launch.

The Results
The first site we updated was www.jetrider.com.au (Jet Ski Hire) and the results were instantly apparent.

  • Instant rise in Google
  • Longer retention rate (lower bounce rate - visitors stayed longer)
  • More bookings and sales

The Jet Boating site has a very exciting video that is shot from the actual boat. We are looking forward to viewing results.
Both of these sites include our Image Manager System that is a CMS that allows the owners of the site to add News Articles, Photos, Audio, Slide Shows and Video to the site. This is not a free open source system it is specifically made to maintain a high ranking in Google and not give the users overwhelming functinoality. Easy to learn and use.

Are you interested in finding out more?

Phil Hoile - GoldCoastLogin.com.au programmer
Griffith University Lecturer in industry courses
- e Business & advanced e Business, User Interface Design and IT Projects
Email Me
ph 07 55320651

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