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Why many businesses fail to harness the Internet

A recent article in Web Pro News Thursday Oct 06, 2005 prompted me to write this article because in so many ways it articulated my thoughts on the topic.

The most unique aspect of the Internet, the very thing that makes it different from every other communications medium is, in many cases, one of its least understood characteristics. Unlike print, audiotape or video recordings, the Net is an interactive medium requiring an ongoing investment of time, knowledge and capital.

For those who make best use of it, the Net provides such a versatile communications environment; a virtual storefront can easily out-perform a traditional brick-and-mortar storefront.

In reality, most businesses doing commerce over the Web are not yet prepared to use the medium to its fullest potential. While most new and previously established businesses have some form of web presence, many don't have trained staff dedicated to maintaining it, much less enhancing or evolving it. From search marketing opportunities to cost cutting technologies such as VOIP to social and business networking tools, the Internet environment provides a virtually unlimited multi-leveled communications capacity at relatively reduced rates. Unfortunately, realizing the potential is far easier than adapting to take advantage of it.
Jim Hedger Stepforth.com

Some of my customers have used the Internet to their advantage. They use me to provide the code etc but it is their ideas and business knowledge that make it work.
There is one common denominator a consistent long term approach and the willingness to dip thier hand in their pockets.
The web has evolved - Google is so sophisticated and ahead of the Search Engine race that they have almost human like qualitites...

    it knows when you are trying to lie to it

Google tends to reward good old honest effort and is getting very good at detecting those that cheat (spam) the system.
Google also recognises things like -:

  • Content fequently updated
  • Dynamic pages
  • Good navigation systems
  • When to return to a page that is updating regularly
  • What category or group you belong to
  • Whether people click on you and stay away ( i.e. a successful search )
  • Much more

Plant a tree today

What do I do when I am not making websites for my customers?

I make them for myself - because I know if I plant a tree today and its the right kind of tree in the right market it will bear fruit in years to come. All I have to do is occasionally water it.
Most of the work when creating a website is working out what to say. You do not need to understand programming code to do this. A good web developer will help you get your message to the right audience and get the most mileage out of your dollar.

When I can maintain a small business customer's website consistently higher in search engines than big budget multi-national companies after the same target market and drive targeted trafic that generates sales leads - I know I am doing my job.

Phil Hoile - GoldCoastLogin.com.au programmer
Griffith University Lecturer in industry courses
- e Business & advanced e Business
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