Using Google Local Business Center and Google Places
Steps in adding a user to your Google Business account. This allows you to own it but content to be added by your SEO or web developer Go to
date createdMon Feb 19 15:06:32 PST 2018
Getting used to your hearing aids
Getting used to your new Hearing Aids - you will want to immediately turn the TV down
date createdSun Feb 18 21:52:02 PST 2018
Termite Control Gold Coast Pest Control Gold Coast | Termite Control Gold Coast
How to tell the difference between an Ant and a Termite
date createdWed Feb 14 20:32:19 PST 2018
Pest Inspections Gold Coast - Termite Inspections
Gold Coast Pest Inspection reports fast
date createdThu Feb 08 19:49:30 PST 2018
Using Google Local Business Center and Google Places
Warning don't hand your Google My Business listing to a dubious foreign SEO
date createdSun Feb 04 14:55:01 PST 2018
The Worst House Inspected for Termites
The worst house inspected for Termites
date createdTue Jan 23 22:01:16 PST 2018
Never forget your customers and they'll never forget you. - Cloud 9 Bookkeeping
How often should you send out specific, targeted info? The answer is? As often as it?s relevant.
date createdSun Jan 21 20:11:42 PST 2018
Requiem for a Monster, by John Birmingham - The Northern Myth
Some light reading for those staking out Black Swan Lake waiting for another bulldozer land fill attempt
date createdMon Jan 01 21:46:32 PST 2018
Pool Fencing Inspections Gold Coast
Why a building inspector prefers not to do pool fencing inspections #GoldCoast
date createdWed Dec 13 23:38:08 PST 2017
Business Plan vs Business Road Map - Cloud 9 Bookkeeping
If you fail to plan you plan to fail - Jeannie talks about when to drop those plans as well when family etc need you
date createdWed Dec 13 22:25:26 PST 2017
Relationship Counselling - the volatile couple
#GoldCoast Marriage Counsellor Jiselle Saranghi describes relationship counselling as it happens with the volatile couple
date createdTue Dec 05 22:54:18 PST 2017
Termite Self Assessment Guide
Termite self assessment guide - is your Gold Coast home at risk?
date createdThu Nov 30 22:40:52 PST 2017
How to lose weight while you sleep!
A great article explaining the importance of sleep in your general health
date createdTue Nov 28 21:00:22 PST 2017
A Hearing Aid Can Change Your Life
People who can't hear well struggle to use simple navigation devices because the audio is smothered by background noise
date createdMon Nov 27 19:23:48 PST 2017
Older Suburbs Older Problems
Older suburbs older problems - dodgy developers causing termite problems in Palm Beach
date createdWed Nov 22 22:53:26 PST 2017
Electricity and Water is Dangerous Gold Coast Tradesmen
Water + Electricity = Danger
date createdWed Nov 22 21:27:45 PST 2017
Sewer Warning - DIY Plumbing Advice
Warnings when clearing a sewer
date createdMon Nov 20 23:17:24 PST 2017
Austral Pools Variable Speed Pumps
Variable speed pumps for your pool #GoldCoast
date createdMon Nov 20 19:54:46 PST 2017
Pool Safety Standards Queensland
Pool Safety Standards Queensland
date createdWed Nov 08 22:55:03 PST 2017
Don't kill the ants
Don't kill the ants that come into your home - try lemon juice or vinegar
date createdWed Nov 08 22:30:32 PST 2017